May 20, 2024

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”Don 4 Kwat” hit-maker JOVI drops nu single ”Man pass man”

Jovi a.k.a Le Monstre just dropped another appetizing single ”Man pass man” off his unreleased debut LP dubbed ”H.I.V”. Jovi is no doubt one of the sickest Cameroonian rapper and producer signed to MUMAK record label. The release of his titre phare ”Don 4 Kwat” has attracted much attention due to its originality and his ingenuity in presenting an image of life in the ghettos characterised by doping , alcoholism ,  sex and obscenity. It’s ravaging !

He builds a  melange of rough Cameroonian pidgin and Hip Hop to paint a vivid image of what Africans can easily relate with. 

”Like u use ngambe u no fit pass me, like u use ngrimba u no fit pass me, like u use musong u no fit pass me”   


Oh boy , I wash hand !