April 23, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

DJ Charly Templar

Member of Cream DJs, Charly Templar is not just a DJ / MC, but someone who deeply loves Music in all its senses. Music can be one of the most soothing or nerve wracking experiences available, therefore, choosing what will work for any individual is difficult and requires a real music lover. Music has a profound effect on body and psyche; it relieves and alleviates stress, while bringing people together like sports. His influences are numerous and from diverse musical backgrounds. He is one of those DJs who suits a wide range of people and plays all rhythms (Hip Hop – Salsa – House – Electro – African Bambattaa – Raggaeton – Asian vibes – Dance.- Couper Decaller – Makossa…)

He has DJs in several places in Africa (Congo – Ghana – Nigeria – Burkina – Benin – Chad – Togo…); alongside famous DJs such as: Tiesto, DJ Premier, DJ Abdel, DJ Cut Killer, DJ Sabrina Terence…and also, during his travels in Asia, America and Europe in some famous exhibitions/Private parties and participated in many International cultural events.

– Meena Club in LAOS
– Pontoon Club and Heart of Darkness in CAMBODIA
– D Joint Club – MALAYSIA
– Vasco’s Club – VIETNAM
– Mix tape Party Japanese
– Eleven 50 Club – PHILIPPINES
– Preston Place Boston – USA
– Wreck Room NYC – USA
– Safari Club, Krystal Club – CAMEROON
– Bass Lounge Melbourne – AUSTRALIA
– Gazebo club / Diva club / Palladium club / Jet Club / Gulliver’s club / Bangkok Bar / Escobar club / Dream, Sheraton & Sofitel Hotels / Narcissus club / Eclipse night club / Dusk 2 Dawn Club / LIZM Club – THAILAND

He is proudly camerborn