July 24, 2024

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No di follow crowd

There’s been an upsurge in the rate of moral decadence in our society, especially within our university communities in Cameroon. The fast-paced moral degradation can be blamed on the negative influence of peer pressure, mass media and limited financial means.

The trending leaked conversation between two girls in Buea is startling and paints a putrid imagery of a place we all had irresistible inkling  and admiration for.
Whoside palava Kayanmata comot ? We copy the wrong things through bandwagonism and undermine the devastating effects of our actions. When you craze now, you start find all kind prophet them for all churches.

Back then in university, girls used their endowed looks and talent to entice guys and get them romantically and financially glued.
Only the way some girl go stage Brandy or Jennifer Lopez for Sakerette night for Amphi 750 fit make you spend all ya pocket allowance on e. ?
Back then, you di hang for some girl e skin only because e get A grades for first semester.

Whoside Kayanmata and charm comot ?
When Kayanmata nobi dey Molyko, was s3x and romance not enjoyable ? Na who first tell wuna day na s3x di keep man?

The generation nowadays are on a speedy lane and I fear if not gated will sink the country’s future by breeding hopelessness.
Smoking, taking drugs, poisoning a friend, immoral dressing and using fetish charms are some vices that have gradually encroached into our university environments and they are becoming acceptable. It’s time we advice our children to avoid such practices and cultivate good behavioral patterns for a better future.

Peer pressure

It can be extremely strong and hard to resist. The idea of “everyone is doing it” can influence you to change from doing what is right, to doing the wrong thing.
When you get into university, you should design your environment to suit your purpose.
Designing your environment is by surrounding yourself with people who have priorities, positive traits, or practices you would like to cultivate in yourself.
If you make friends with lazy friends who are not positively goal-oriented , you’ll likely deviate from your purpose , which pursuing your academics .
Make friends with people that are uplifting and positive.
Peer pressure annihilates good morals. A child brought up with good moral values starts commiting unimaginable things when backed by a group of friends. Wuna warn wuna pikin them make them avoid toxic friend them.

 Mass media is no longer regarded as spectrum of decency. It has also become a medium of moral decadence to some children. The advent of social media is gradually effacing moral values. Children tend to make wrong choices when they are surfing the internet. Instead of watching or reading content that educate them on career building and uphold moral values , they rather focus on the pornography, spend lengthy unimpactful conversations on WhatsApp, follow celebrity trends on social media.
Check out your child’s Google search history, you’ll understand what I mean. Our children should sift the kind of content they engage with on the internet.
Our children should be making decisions for long term learning, to align personal needs of physical and psychological fulfillment with career advancement opportunities. I recommend students who are interested in entrepreneurship and money-making surefire tips to follow Galaxee Je Waan

Limited financial means (Cut ya coat according to your size)

Not all fingers are the same and you can’t change that. The University community comprises people from diverse family backgrounds. There, you have the children of ministers, doctors, pilots, farmers , lawyers, traders etc. All fingers are not equal.
Be contented with what you have and where you come from. When you are truly contented with yourself , you stop being influenced by external forces that dampen your mood, make you unhappy and depressed.
Appreciate the little your parents give you, take pleasure in simplicity and focus on your studies. No compare with ya friend them.
Even Desiderata talk say ; If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter, for always, there’ll be greater and lesser persons than you.

Na the 3 thing them that way I be want talk.