July 24, 2024

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CULTURE: Festi Bikutsi

The 12th edition of the Bikutsi Festival christened ”Festi Bikutsi” kicked off on the 11th th of November 2010 at Camp Sonel,Yaounde in the presence of the Minister of Culture, Ama Tutu Muna.

Festi Bikutsi is a festival to promote and enhance  Bikutsi music which is the main rhythm of the central region and south of Cameroon . Like in previous editions,  homage was be paid to the pioneers of Bikutsi rhythm like Esso Essomba . Professional meetings, film screenings,and  an exhibition of photographs depicting the highlights of this festival which was first held in 1995 took place. Particular emphasis was placed on the  training of cultural activists, including a workshop on the role of media in promoting  music in Cameroon. The Workshop held at ESSTIC,Yaounde. The event was thrilled by Mengal Joss now called  “Zibaro Solo, a former member of the” Tete Brulee ” who  just released an album in which he remakes the greatest hits of this legendary group that has given pedigree in Bikutsi.

Also, awards shall be  offered to deserved artists by  the Organizing Committee.

  • List of nominees :
  • Best Bikutsi artist: Ai Jo Mamadou, Ama Pierrot, Bisso solo, Lady Ponce, Tanus Foe
  • Best female artist: Cabel, Clarisse Valery, K-Tino, Majoie Ayi, Tchakaka VIP, Lady Ponce
  • Revelation of the year: Cabel, Cyriac de l’air, Kareyce Fotso, Tchakala VIP
  • Best Artist in  Diaspora: Chantal Ayissi, K-Tino, Richard Amougou, Vincent Paradis, Martin Pêcheur