April 25, 2024

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Creation Studios + is set to unveil a 12-episode teen series dubbed “Creation High”. The series’ cast is a cream of exceptional budding talents in Cameroon.

CREATION HIGH focuses on the different aspects of the life of a gen z in high school. The story touches different aspects of life from peer pressure, sex education, female leadership, relationship, single parenting, growing up in abusive homes, mental health and the pressures of been fit into a success box of who their parents want them to become.


The series highlights these different aspects in an academic and entertaining perspective, which makes it both light hearted and entertaining with different aspects of talents be it singing or dancing and the new trend which is social media and its effects to teenagers.



Tamfontikali Ransom Nyonbela popularly known as PICOLO 2K hails from the North West region; precisely from Bali Nyonga.

He is a Comedian, Actor and a Screenplay Script Writer living in Yaounde.

He plays the role of Mathew in CREATION HIGH.



Ebelle Kelly; 20 Years of age is an Actress and a Comedian from the South West region (Bakossi Clan). She is a Masters 1 student in English modern letters (Yaounde 1). She has acted in 7 movies so far and more than 30 comedy skits impersonating different characters.

She plays the role of Rosaline in CREATION HIGH Web Series.


Berty Sandrine Kinyuy popularly known as Santy Blink is origined from the North West region of Cameroon. She is an Actress and a Comedian par Excellence. Also, she is a self-willed and determined person out to Impact the world through the reality of her Raw Talent. Watch out for what she has to offer in CREATION HIGH.

She plays the role of Amalia in the Series.




Hadiza Sani who recently had her B.A in Corporate Communication from Siantou Higher Institute graced our set with her mind-blowing talent. Hadiza’s ability to communicate has been recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education with an award of HND 2nd National Major in Corporate Communication. Hadiza has been in several comedy skits but when it comes to movie appearances, CREATION HIGH is her first.

Hadiza hails from the South West region of Cameroon (Bangwa land)

She plays Emily in CREATION HIGH


She is popularly known as MELINDA Swan originates from the North West region!!!

Afenoh to the Metta People ??

25 years of age, she is a Journalist, musician, one and only Twice Evicted Biggy237 housemate, designer/entrepreneur and now an ACTRESS..

She Currently owns and runs a clothing business which took off with former Big Brother Naija Housemate TACHA wearing her very first designs.

Hosted a crtv show called the Bigup show which bridges the gap between the movie industry and Cameroonian audience.

Served as a brand ambassador for a couple of Cameroonian brands which in turn made a good number of sales through her influence.

She plays the role of Lydia in CREATION HIGH.

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Mungu Queenseline popularly known as Beauty Lola is from the North West region. She is a comedian, a dancer and most importantly, a TikTok Influencer. Also, she is a self made businesswoman who has got as passion Cooking and Acting.

She plays the role of Emma in CREATION HIGH.

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BOSEME SAMUEL; popularly known as PHAMOSE hails from the South West region of Cameroon (Kumba). He is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding Skit Makers you’ll ever come across. Also, he is renowned for his Magnificent Dance steps which are always so thrilling. He is a screen writer and Brand Ambassador for a couple of Organizations.

He plays the role of Henry in CREATION HIGH.

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DJOUELEWO FARIX popularly known as LIL KARA is a young Cameroonian musician and comedian from the West region. He is currently studying marketing. Alongside his education, he started creating musical and comedy content on social media; most notably Tiktok and Facebook where he has Amassed a Massive Community for himself within short notice.

He plays the role of Noah in CREATION HIGH.

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NGAIN LOUIS; popularly known by his stage name Eazi Kid hails from the Northwest Region precisely Fundong sub division.

He started his entertainment career as a dancer but as days went by, he discovered his passion weighed more in acting. Apart from being a comedian and an actor, he also doubles the advantage of being a graphic designer and an aspiring video director.

He plays the role of Oliver in CREATION HIGH

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Nadesh Mambo; a female comedian, popularly known as Mami Mambo/ Mami boy is a funny character filled with life and guess what, she graced our set. She lives in Yaounde and hails from the North West region precisely from Alahtening in Akum -Santa.

She plays the role of Mary in CREATION HIGH.

Get in touch with her at Nadeshmambo

TITA FIFA NKEMOFAR is from the North West region (Awing to be precised). He is a comedian, an actor and a script writer.

He is one of the Brains behind the Superstar brand PICOLO 2K.

He plays the role of Daniel in CREATION HIGH.

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Nyuongo Moses popularly known as Moses Entertains AKA The Blue Jacket Boy comes from the North West region (Fundong to be precised). He is a renowned Comedian and an Actor with his most recent appearance in BEHIND GATES the movie. Also, he is an International Prank Star and one of the pioneers of online pranks in Cameroon.

He is an outstanding dancer too.

He plays the role of Liam in CREATION HIGH.

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