March 4, 2024

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Cosby Ensingle our Cameroonian Rock Star is headed for Germany

Cosby Ensingle, the Cameroonian Rock/Pop artist under the banner of Red Cassava Inc is headed for bigger things and a change in his music production process in Germany. Recently the Cameroonian pioneer based in Bamenda and his management have been posting alot of great vibes about his productions on facebook (here) , and right now our assumption is that he faces some limitations in Cameroon and his solution is travelling to Germany where greater things will be born.

After working in three regions in Cameroon, the first phase of his first album entitled TEARS OF WAR is over which leads him to the second phase. He declared on the house of music annual presentations which took place on friday 13th may 2011 at the Hill Side
Yard bamenda that he is not travelling to Germany because it cant be done in Cameroon but rather wants to inject some different energy and music production from europe into the album. In his own words, ” I titled the album TEARS OF WAR because I feel this is the only way i can express how I feel about the pain and suffering people go through especially the children because of the fight of power and fame and this album is not intended to hurt any body and I do apologize if it does, thank you
Check out his most recent Release in the video below: