June 19, 2024

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Cinema: The problem with reviewing Cameroonian films

We are witnessing some form of growth in the Cameroonian film industry. I say some form of  because the growth has only been in the number of films. The quality has stayed stagnant, and in some situations one can even notice regression. This quality deficiency poses a serious problem for anybody who attempts to review the films. Which parametres do you use to review a film? Do you disregard the inherent cinematographic lapses  and review the social value? If you choose this option, for how long can you chant the social value of films without sounding like a broken record? Are you helping the industry grow if you do not inspect the things that make films films? Furthermore, when reviewing our films, do you compare them with Western films or Nollywood films which seem to be the muse of most of our filmmakers. If we want our industry to grow and stand out then we must use the highest standards. We all know what that means. Reviewing films is another pointer to the level of maturity and growth of an industry. But this aspect seems useless given the perpetually low-quality of the films produced.