May 26, 2024

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Profile: Discover the legend, ‘Amumba’

Who is Amumba?

”Africa,African food collection…” .The song goes . He is called Elchick Echondong A.K.A. Amumba. He was born in Angong-Ebang in Momo Division, North West Region. He started his music career as a child and as he grew up he was massively influenced by his older brother who was a band/ orchestra leader . He believes his inspiration comes from God Almighty. Elchick is today a well-established musician and a professional couturier.

His first album titled ”Amumba” was released in 1991 . He found fame after the release of this album which had as hit song ”Amumba,Amumba abe eh …”. As a result of the popularity of this song, the artist was nicknamed ”Amumba”.

Elchick is presently working on his new album titled Development”, to be released before the end of this year.

He calls his  genre of music Akericossa which is a blend of Macossa and Akeri . That’s quite inspirational !

He laments on the challenges he’s been facing especially the plague called piracy- ‘I take  time to put a product together and immediately it gets to  the market after one week the CD is  every  where. I do not  rip  the fruits of my  labour…it has not really been easy”.

I was quite curious to know his favourite Cameroonian dish; Aunanaufere” which means porridge cocoyams.

Stay blessed !.