April 25, 2024

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”My name is Charles Fonta. I was born in Cameroon. I grew up
listening to Western and African music, which later became
the foundation of everything I do today. My mother was influential
in this process, making it easy for my younger brother and I to
attend numerous live concerts during our early teenage years.

My younger brother Tanka brought a guitar home in 1981, and
that peeked my interest. My parents showed their displeasure
when I showed interest, but the seeds were already planted in
my mind. I came to the US intending to attend college in 1986
at University of Wisconsin-Stout. In 1993, I bought my first bass
on a whim, growing tired of being the good son, and doing
something that I had nurtured for so long. The reason I settled
for the bass was because I could not afford a drumset, I started
taking drum lessons from a drummer who played with my
cousin in the defunct Shalita band.

My cousin, Brain Boma is the one who mentored me, insisting
I learn to play scales to shorten my learning curve. In 1995, I got
my first chance, auditioning for local reggae band the Maroons,
who gave me a chance to play when their bass player quit.
Baptism by fire, I learned quickly, playing for 3 years before things
started slowing down. I also subbed for my cousin, playing with
Shalita and Milla bands  from 1997 to 1998.

I got into production in 1996, getting a copy of Cakewalk from
Shalita drummer MIke Hurley. I have been making music ever
since, producing and contributing to various projects since 1998

As I hope you know, I truly appreciate your dropping
by to check out my website. I also hope you check out my music
and purchase my CD. You will listen to it a few times, then discover
you can’t go anywhere without it. It’s an uplifting journey where
people gather to be crazy happy. And maybe sometimes just crazy…
It’s a ‘Fools Paradise’

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