July 12, 2024

Nexdim Empire

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Bygtee Is Here!

bygteeBe prepared for a new, young and fresh Cameroonian rapper to take the hip hop world by storm. His name is Bygtee and if you have not heard him spit his rhymes yet, you might just get blown away when you do. Bygtee whose real name is Terence Nakanda Ambang Menyoli was born on January 21st 1986 in Ekondo Titi,  a south west region in Cameroon.  He  started rapping in 2002 and  in 2003, he co-founded the first Anglophone rap group in Bafoussam called One Love. In 2005, One Love released their first demo Party Up; it  was a great blow to the public. The group performed on many stages with many other talented rappers. Today, Bygtee goes solo and he took all his experiences from the hip hop environment to auto-produce his debut album. Finances issues made the task hard but not impossible. Indeed, Bygtee is proudly announcing the release of the album Time Is Money for later this year.  The rapper and a team of professionals are working hard to make the release successful. While waiting on the upcoming album, let’s get a glimpse at Bygtee’s music with the song below titled Time Is Money featuring Pace, Babs and K’.



for more about Bygtee, check out bygtee.com and myspace.com/bygtee2