May 22, 2024

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Ak Sang Grave is Back!

Ak Sang Grave

It has been 3 years between Ak Sang Grave, the trio’s “Du Fond de l’Afrique” and Ak Sang Grave, the duo’s ” Au Fond du Coeur.” The highly anticipated new album comes as a breath of fresh air but also a personal diary. Rizbo and Ebou explore Funk, Jazz, pop, traditional  and more, yet the lyrics stay true to themselves. They rap their stories right, with rythm, and no censure. Inspiring us through songs like La Theorie de la Basket Trouée and L’Or et Félin talking about hard life but teaching patience and hard work.  The 17 songs album is definitely a must have in the classic collection. Make sure to check out the album.

Listen to some of the album’s songs on the playlist below including Ak Sang Grave is back the first single of the album with a new hot video about to be released soon.[audio:,éorie-de-la-basket-trouée.mp3,éfin-feat-Diane-Beza.mp3,,é.mp3,|bg=0xF52887|lefticon=0xF52887|leftbg=#000000|rightbghover=0xF52887|rightbg=#000000|loader=#000000|text==#000000|righticon=0xF52887|slider=0xF52887|track=0xF52887|loop=yes|width=100″]
More info about the cameroonian hip hop duo will be up soon. Stay tuned!

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