June 24, 2024

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xmaleyaIt is rare  today to  visit  any  snack-bar,nightclub,street, cyber cafe , watch tv,or listen to the radio without getting the new song from the prolific trio, X Maleya ”yelele” .The song is fast becoming the new cameroonian anthem. It is everywhere. It is in the Duala language ,of   which none of three young guys identify their origin that the group was christened. Maleya means advice and X means the  ”unknown”, the one who can give  advice to the rhythm of  makossa,  bikutsi, bensikin or assiko. ” In reality ,it is the diversity which characterizes the group and its various   members (Roger, Augustus and Hate). ”It is this fusion of our origins and of our cultural influence that inspired this name”

The trio includes two young Cameroonian  and one ”citizen of the world” whose adventure begins in 1998. First made up of two members  during their childhood in the  streets of  Biyem-Assi in Yaoundé. On their way, they met Hais Zaiter.  They realized that he had the same groove as them. Hais Zaiter is the  guitarist.  They startedmaleya interpreting songs and later started  composing their own melodies. Hans Mbong, promoter of the ”Association Axe Jeunes’‘ helped them stirrup  in the concept « les ca me dit rap”. The French cultural centre of Yaoundé was the ground for their very first show. The group is not only remarkable because of the presence of a white but also because of their stunning choreographies.

After the release of their new album,the group has been very busy with shows all over Africa.



Bengana Bengana ki ba yom
ba honlag le ba lol America
Ba hoyak le baye i Kamerun
A wanda jem u hoyak Ban le
Koy a yila be baki
me kena we i lon yem ehhh

Si tu aime le makossa maleya

te donne makossa (yelele)

Si t’aime le bikutsi alors viens

te defouler (yelele)

Si tu aime le Makossa Maleya

te donne Makossa (yelele)

Cameroun sur la playlist juste pour

te defouler

Desormais sans soucis

on va danser comme ca

un peu de musique en facon koussa

un sourire je vois qu’tu en mou

et maintenant maintenant

c’est parti pour trop longtemp

Si tu aime le makossa maleya te donne makossa (yelele eh eh)

Si t’aime le bikutsi alors viens te defouler (yelele eh eh)

Si tu aime le bensikin Maleya te donne bensikin (yelele eh eh )

Cameroun sur la playlist juste pour te defouler

Maleya, Maleya, Balancez avec maleya (4 fois)

Dans le rythme de chez nous

nos pas de danse sont authentiques

du chant aux danses y’en a trop tu veux des preuvres

regarde ecoute ca c’est l’afrique

Makossa Bikusti Assiko Benskin

on vais des envieux par notre culture

suffit d’arriver pour etre enchanter

ecoute a travers les ondes nos musiques inondent

ouvrant en groupe unique la quintessence

X maleya dans la renne (2X)

on explose sure et on veux

une zik assure et on meurt

ce soir c’est la totale

on va bouger negro rehausser ton moral

ehh Me mi yibe inyuki hik kel di tchelel

Ni guang jes i mbog yesu bes bomere ndi lam

ibale u hemle iyom bes ndi pok

maliga ngo telep lo sak a loga a ngonda li nongo

yelele lele lele lele

lyrics courtesy of NexDim

YELELE VIDEO LINK : www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9Cl0jCyvbY