June 24, 2024

Nexdim Empire

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An album of 16 tracks dubbed APO-KA-LYPSE is the debut of the rapper,manager and producer Bilik Jo.This album is programmed to be released on Saturday 29th of August 2009.According to the Nlonkak based artist,the album will be officially launched with a press conference  at Petit Tam Tam,Nlonkak.”it however coincides with my month  of birth and of another group member.I had earlier thought of releasing the album on the 7th of August which is my birth day” said the rapper speaking to NexDim.

The album has guest appearances from soumanja, elokk, bois d’ébène, fœtus lion, manhitoo, sir mika.

The themes in the album are diverse.He talks about homosexuality,love,”one is dedicated to my wife who left me some time ago for Europe’. He also sings about the problems plaquing our contemporary Cameroon like the institutions put in place,and our culture being stripped off by other artists.

The distribution of this Album is done through the CULTURE MBOA networks.

The CDS will be sold on the launching date at 3000frs.

Info : 00 237 99 17 57 25, zomloarecordz@yahoo.fr.