July 16, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

100 Ways To Save Cameroonian Hip-Hop


Why do Cameroonians rappers make an extra effort to look unkempt in their videos? Because they all smoke BANGA !!!

Is it that looking clean “n’est pas gangster”? or is it how untidy Bob Marley appeared in his videos that ‘s inspiring.

Thank God for MTVBase.

Instead of watching Saturday afternoon poorly done ¬†TV shows aiming at encouraging untidy, mediocre artists with no sense of… aesthetics… I’ll rather watch Ice Prince and Mo’ Cheddah on MTVBase. I DON’T EVEN KNOW THEM. Atleast their videos encourage me to give their songs a listen.

The normal excuse will be lack of funds but,massa, even for comb ya hair boh?

Cameroonian hip-hop videos are a disgrace!

Please save Cameroonian hiphop; stop shooting videos..

Let’s stick to the makossa and Bikutsi videos.


See you next week.