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Those who were waiting for  Franky P to make another strong musical statement should listen to this. On the heels of his 2011 smash hit “Champagne up”,the artist has just made avaialble another song entitled “K.O.M.O.D” which means “King Of  My Own Dream”. It’s not sure whether this song is part of an album or  from a mixtape. But two things are clear: it was produced under his label Uzi Nation and it is pretty good. It is an easy,laid- back song with the kind of headthumping beat that hip-hop fans like. Nothing forced or overdone, just a fine and balanced mix. With such good releases one can only concur that he is really king of his own dream as he moves from rapper to label exec  and producer. What’s his next quest? Judge for yourselves.

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The Cameroonian hip hop movement has been gathering momentum over the years. Gradually, hip hop artists have through chart topping hits compelled music lovers to sit up and take note.One artist who has decided to change the game with a chart-topping  song and  video is Franky P. The release of  ‘Champagne up” which has become an anthem for party -goers and fun- lovers has taken taken things up a notch. But the talented rapper doesn’t intend to put a lid on the hits yet, he has also launched his own record label,UZI NATION. In the following interview,the Douala -based musician talks  more about his latest album, DAVODKA.

NEXDIMEMPIRE.COM:Let’s start from the beginning,your hot new video is the bomb.
FRANKY P:Thank you
NEXDIMEMPIRE.COM:Who did you work with to make such a great video?
FRANKY P: I worked with a film director,a beautiful lady called  Francoise Ellong  who works in Paris.
She came in to help me  make  a brilliant comeback.We worked for like two weeks to shoot this video.
NEXDIMEMPIRE.COM:In your single “Champagne up” ,you sing in English. What induced you?
FRANKY P: I was having fun in the studio with my friends and I came up with the chorus like that. It was instantaneous and  we knew that in French it would never be the same.So I wrote in English cause the flow was good with the music. Read More

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