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Singer SteveSlil has unveiled a new tune titled “Thankful” featuring Mink’s, exclusively available on Boomplay.

It’s a song about hustle and success. 

To stream , click the link below.


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Afro-pop sensation Steve’Slil has unveiled his new smashing single dubbed “Tabala” produced by ace producer Slimbeatz.
Steve’Slil relives the childhood hopscotch game “Tabala” to deliver an imagery of a girl who sweeps him off his feet with her stunning beauty and sensual attraction. He fuses different Cameroonian dialects in this beguiling lyrical content .

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After thrilling his fans with a soulful and rhythmic Afro-pop tune titled “NAL?”, highly versatile artist Steve’Slil returns with another sizzling club banger he dubs “L’ote Tansiong”. He collaborates with UK-based rapper Rawf K.
It’s a well-honed fusion of Bikutsi of Central Cameroon and modern trap music.
The singer relives an old 1988 Bikutsi hit titled “Naya Naya” by Govinal Essomba .
The song was produced by Phillbill Beatz.

Listen up !


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Steve’ Slil exhibits his penchant for blending highlife and Afro-pop on this tuneful music titled “Nalo”. The song is a combination of melodious Afro rhythms and a sensual vocal / lyrical delivery. He uses pidgin, “Mbo” dialect and French to convey a soothing emotion.
Produced by Phillbill Beatz and additional guitar by Percy.

A real life story about someone who’s life is transformed from acute poverty to affluence and his prolonged desire to reconnect with his cherubic lover is accomplished using social media. It becomes a reignited relationship of immense love and fulfilled promises.
According to Steve’Slil ;
“The protagonist loved “Nalo” (Nalova) when he was broke and couldn’t afford her needs. He goes through the ordeal of rejection and reproach.
He gets blessed with riches and yearns to meet her again to prove his love and show her a good life.
“Ata Munya (God) na perfect designer, I di mbotoh (wear) na designer for my body, I go take you go Dubai for our honeymoon” .
Through a Google search, he finds her on Facebook. “Na Google I open for see you, Na Facebook I open for see you”
If you ever loved a girl and reconnected on social media and became marital partners, you’ll vividly relate with my song” .

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R&B singer Steve’Slil has released the official artwork of his upcoming tune titled NAL? . The release is slated for Saturday August 6th under SJ Havens imprint .  This song comes after the smooth vocalist dropped a video for his Highlife song “Diana” October 2015. #AnticipateNalo

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Cameroonian Afro-pop and RnB singer Steve’Slil presents his new video ‘Diana’ directed by Didiblaise and Filmed by Dr Nkeng Stephens. The video portrays how matrimonial love can be devoured by the fangs of jealousy and covetousness. Quite an intriguing African tale to savour.

Steve’Slil has the killer instinct to enter into the hall of fame of reputable urban music acts in Africa. His musical prowess and versatility to effortless switch from one genre to another is breathtaking . After releasing a phenomenal singles “Ebangha” and “I cut you cafe”, the Cameroonian sultry R&B/Afro-pop songster has gamely resurfaced with a life-enhancing love and marriage story incorporated in a soul-searching song titled “Diana” . He describes “Diana” as a musical marriage between post- independence highlife music and contemporary Afro-pop harmony. In essence, “Diana” embodies the traditional harmonic rhythm which could be dubbed “Palm wine music” , married with western instruments. “Diana” incarnates the folkloric tone popularly chanted during the post-independence era. The song is an expression of love and appreciation to God (Eta Mandem , thank you …) for giving a beautiful wife who deserves all the sacrifices a man can make give , just to make her happy; “na with you I go fly , America, Europe, Africa , to Asia coz you be my baby” . Steveslil’s vocal timbre and delivery perfectly gives the groove the song deserves. The song was produced by the legendary Emil Ngumbah.

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Douala-based record label SJ HAVENS shall officially unveil the much-anticipated video – “Diana” By promising Cameroonian R&B/Highlife singer Steve’Slil – Saturday 24th October 2015. 


The video narrates an epic tale of life-enhancing matrimonial love threatened by the fangs of jealousy. “Diana” , a genuine blend of Highlife, makossa and Afro-pop shall  definitely thrill you. Save the official release date. 

SJ Havens Ent. Corp. 

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Turn up for the “Afronite” edition of the star-studded event dubbed “Industry Nite” slated to take place on Saturday 5th September @ Kokobar Pub , Molyko – Buea, 8pm sharp. The sizzling show features trending Afro-pop sensations Steve’Slil , Rythmz, Tzy Panchak and Fluri Boyz.  Entry is free . Be sure to purchase drinks at Kokobar Bar to unwind yourselves.

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R&B/Afro-pop sensation Steve’Slil just rounded up the video shoot of his soul searching tune “Diana”. The video features outstanding up-and-coming models Fatima Rodriguez and  Abigail Banks (Kelly B modeling Agency) .

Shot at several locations around Kumba vicinity by Dr Nkeng Stephen and Didiblaise.


DIANA – SoundCloud – Listen to DIANA by Steveslil #np on #SoundCloud

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cut u cafe vid

On this week’s edition of Kandid With Kreef (KWK), we have the “Ebangha” crooner & the amazing Steveslil. Staytuned # ReadOn

KREEF: Bonjour Steveslil. How are you today?

STEVE’SLIL: I’m good by the Grace of God. And you?

KREEF: I am very good actually. Thanks for asking. So tell me, who’s Steveslil? Is that your real name? “Steveslil”.

STEVE’SLIL: I’m a humble servant of the music-loving people. Soul-seductive R&B, Afro-pop and highlife music is what I spill out to the world. lol. My real names are Stephen Mbu Njang . STEVESLIL is a name I acquired in secondary school, meaning giving a little part of me. “Steve’s little”. Funny right?

KREEF: Very funny how the “lil” came about but now i get it lol. So how did Steveslil start music?Were u in a choir growing up? Because you actually can sing!

STEVE’SLIL: I’m from a family that has a strong musical penchant. My mom and dad (RIP) were gospel music composers who influenced me tremendously. My aunt was the composer of the famous “luncheon date” signal tune that is used till date on CRTV. I had a humble beginning at home and later joined the church choir at 9 as an alto singer. I was versatile in anything arts inclined. Drawing, painting, acting etc. Enrolling at the University of Buea changed my perception about music after I joined a hip-hop band called Core South. We were the first to represent the South West at the Nescafe African Revelation in 2005. Then I went solo when we disbanded. Thanks for appreciating me as a good singer.

KREEF: Oh wow!!! Never knew you had such a strong music background. That’s good. So who are your music inspirations?

STEVE’SLIL: My inspiration is natural. I flow with the intonations of nature and the things I see happening daily. Most of my songs reflect my life. I sing and relive moments. However as a teenager; I listened to Kotto Bass, old Ghanaian Highlife, Maxwell , Jill Scott, Floetry, Sisqo, Matt Houston. They influenced me positively. Kotto Bass however remains my fav; his vocal timbre, music and charisma.

KREEF: Most of your songs reflect your life? Meaning your hit song “Ebangha” is actually real life? Because rumor has it that one “bayangi girl with the cutest smile” called Ebangha actually broke your heart. True?

STEVE’SLIL: LOL. I heard that a lot when the song was released. Most fans following me on social media even thought I had an affair with Ebangha Njang which incited her to bear the name “Njang”. I had that a lot on Facebook especially. I kept on clarifying them. It was so hilarious. Hey, Ebangha was the first girl I had a crush on in secondary school. She blew my mind. It’s not a story of heartbreak but rather a tale of teenage love. Also, I’m appreciating the unmatchable value and beauty of the African woman.

KREEF: That’s so cool! Talking about your “Ebangha” song, the original song actually had Z-lex, the Camer rapper. But the video came out without him nor his verse. Rumor has it that y’all had these irreconcilable differences. How true is that?

STEVE’SLIL: Chai!! You’re the first to take the bold step. No one has asked me this question in all interviews I’ve granted. Z-lex is a talented artist i admired and respected. We started the hustle in Malingo, Buea with many demo recordings. Our relationship dwindled when we were set to shoot the video of my hit song “Ebangha”. We first had differences concerning the concept. Later he told me he wouldn’t be in the video if it was shot in Buea. My team and I resolved to shoot his verse in Douala which he preferred as location. Arriving on the scheduled date in Douala, it was a story that almost brought judicial intervention. lol. I forgive the dude for promising to stab me if “Ebangha” video is released without him.He didn’t give me the data file of the song. I had undue delay progressing with the project. God in me told me to release the project without him and wait for him to kill me as promised. lol. I have the audio recordings of his threats that day in my lawyer’s keeping. I didn’t want to ruin him. God reigns.

KREEF: Oh wow!!! Trust me to always hear rumors and speak on it. I never let things go honey lol. But I’m happy it never escalated to something else. We need less beefs and more hits. So i hear you’re behind the great blog Nexdim Empire. True?

STEVE’SLIL: Yea. Haha. I have interred the past and now my focus is making good sounding music and pleasing my fans and yes I’m co-owner of the most trafficked urban music blog in English-speaking Cameroon.

KREEF: Oh yes it’s a very good blog! So any upcoming projects for Steveslil? I know after “Ebangha” there was “I Cut U Cafe”. So what’s next?

STEVE’SLIL: Yea. After “I cut u cafe” SJ Havens is currently planning the release of my new song “Tabala” and a new video “Diana”. KREEF: SJ Havens? What or who’s that? Your new label?

STEVESLIL: Yea. I got officially signed to the label SJ Havens before releasing “I cut you cafe” last year. It’s owned by a Cameroonian business mogul based in Douala. It’s just a new label opened to new acts who are talented.

KREEF: Oh! Never heard of them but aww that’s nice, congrats! Do you have any Cameroonian artists you’ll love to work with in the future?

STEVE’SLIL: Yea sure. Ewube, Numerica, Mr Elad, Locko, Stanley Enow, Govina Essomba. I regret Kotto Bass is no more…

KREEF: I know, don’t we all? RIP to him.

Well, thank you so much Steveslil. This was one very good interview. Do you have anything you’ll like your fans to know?

STEVESLIL: I’m enormously thankful to my fans for the support and love . My next single “Tabala” drops soon and I believe they’ll love it. “Diana” video is also in progress. My fans should keep a positive mental attitude and be prayerful.

KREEF: Ok thank you Steveslil and stay well.

STEVE’SLIL: I’m much thankful to Kreef Ent. Keep the flame burning.

KREEF: You’re very welcome and thank you!

To watch Steveslil’s hits “I Cut U Cafe” and “Ebangha” click on the links below…

-Watch “STEVE’SLIL – I CUT YOU CAFE (Official

Video Directed by Didiblaise)” on YouTube

-Watch “Steveslil – Ebangha (Official Music

Video)” on YouTube

# KreefEnt . # TrendCamer

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