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Photo: (c) Adrenaline Visual Effects Studios

While working on the official video of his mind-blowing and phenomenal song ”Ebangha”, R&B and Afro-pop sensation Steveslil is equally concocting a thumping single to be released in June.  Adrenaline Studios got some amazing photos during his video shoot. 

Steveslil and video vixen Shymy

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In the light of promoting Cameroonian music and entertainers, NEXDIM shall be launching a stunning DVD compilation of HD interviews of our celebrities and top notch Cameroonian music videos by Jovi (Don 4 kwat), Dr Sley (Down by the Riverside), Steveslil (Buy you shack), Damien Blue (Angale), Dencia (Beri Beri), Achalle (Excited), Rough Kumbaboy (Benskin rap), Magasco (Line loba), Denzyl (Leavam so) and more . This package shall be distributed through out Cameroon FREE. Get ready to witness the most mind-blowing event in Cameroon Entertainment history with ground-breaking performances by musicians,comedians and Fashion display on the 11th of AUGUST 2012 at HOTEL RESIDENCE CARLOS, BUEA. Stay tuned for updates.


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Following the publishing of an article here on about Cameroonian artists set to protest against P-Square Concert this weekend, Nigerian and Ghanaian blogs have flagrantly infringed our intellectual property by stealing our content word for word without giving credits to Nexdim. In this light, the management of NexDim-Cameroon is sending a STRONG WARNING to all plagiarists to refrain from this malicious act else legal action shall be taken against the defaulters. The following defaulters should take note:,,,,,,,, ETC 


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 Steveslil (Njang Stephen Mbu)  is a Cameroonian R&B, Afro pop and Hip Hop artist, songwriter , producer, and entrepreneur .He was born on December 25th  in Nguti , South West Cameroon and raised in Buea where he currently resides .

Steve was raised in a typical Presbyterian family massively influenced musically by his mother and dad who were both choir leaders and music composers.

During his Secondary school days at Presbyterian Comprehensive Secondary School Buea, Steve was a member of the acapella band ‘’Boyz On Zion’’ highly reputed for composing a sizzling version of ‘’Pilgrims may we travel with you’’ which proliferated to most Presbyterian Colleges .He  garnered fame on campus as a seasoned singer and comedian. He was winner of several arts and dancing competitions organized around the Buea vicinity.

With the resurgence of contemporary R&B artists like Sisqo, Usher, R Kelly, Matt, N’synk , Brandy, Monica and Destiny Child in the 90’s , Steveslil developed penchant for R&B and soul and started penning his own lyrics.

In High School, CCAS Kumba, Steve lost his inspiration when he drifted concentration on grappling with academics. After obtaining his Advanced Level in 2003, he enrolled in Universityof Buea to study Law.

In the course of his studies, he joined a Hip Hop group called CORESOUTH composing C-Hill, Trano and Nais G. He later became the CEO of CoreSouth Records. The group speedily gained fame on University campus, highly solicited to perform during Nites and Concerts. In 2005, the group was nominated to represent the South West Region at the Nescafe African Revelation (NAR) inDouala.

The group dissolved in 2006 and Steve decided to have a solo career.

Steve graduated from the Universityof  Buea with an LLB and dived into a search of a job to pay his bills as music was more of fame and no money. He worked with CREACOM Douala as Artistic Director and later resigned the job due to meager pay .

In 2007, he returned to Buea where he was instigated by his former band mate and friend C-Hill to start recording ‘’Play my Tambourine’’ at Chillen Music studios. 10 songs were recorded and the videos of ‘’Play My Tambourine’’ and ‘’Suzzy’’ directed by his friend Mambe Churchill (C-Hill) were premiered on STV, Canal 2 , and other local channels in Cameroon.

In 2008 he released ‘’I can’’ featuring Adjusta which aired on TV channels in Cameroon but had no immense impact.

In 2009, NexD im was nursed by Steve and his friend and entrepreneur Churchill Mambe with the objective of exposing, and marketing Cameroonian entertainment products. rapidly attracted attention and buzz, rated as one of the most visited Cameroonian entertainment blogs. He was appointed CEO of NexDim in April 2009.

Steveslil released ‘’Cameroonian Dream’’ with Kora Awards nominee and Star de Demain laureate which was a video compilation .

He performed at the ‘’Off the Wall’’ Tour  with US based Cameroonian artist SONA THE VOICE organized by Intercession Records in November 2009.

In 2010, Steve was part of the organizing crew of the maiden edition of a Gospel Talent TV show dubbed GOSPEL MUSICAL aired on national TV channel CRTV.

He released a Cameroonian version of T-Pain’s ‘’Buy u a drank’’ which he translated to pidgin as ‘’Buy u shack’ which received a warm embrace from fans across the world.

In September 2011, Steveslil was invited byRocanegra AB for a music Tour inSweden. There he worked with refined producer Simon Tocclo .

In Finland, he performed alongside Samy Diko at the Cameroonian Party for Charity inFinland.

Steveslil returned to Cameroon after his tour in Europe and released a brand new single ‘’Panjo’’ produced by 18 year-old Deecy . It is currently a buzz.

Steveslil has shared the stage with Samy Diko, Sidney, X Maleya, Krotal, Bantou Posi , Petit Pays, DJ Kaloudji etc.

In December 2011, Steveslil clinched CUMA Awards 2011 for Best R&B artist.

CUMA Awards’ Best RnB artist Steveslil  acclaimed for his song ”Panjo” is still bent on making hits that will print an indelible mark. ”Ngutiboy” is presently working on his new single ”I go marry u” with Trackzone’s magic fingers DJ Zee. 

”Panjo Master” album shall be released on a date to be decided by NexDim


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Kris and Doggy Arts

Posted In: Art, Culture by Sarah

Cameroons gotten so much talents and yet a whole lot of people know nothing about such hidden talents. Kris and Doggy is an innovative creation inspired by a young Cameroonian called Kris, he is a holder of a Master’s degree in chemical engineering and has had a strong passion for arts work from childhood. He started painting on wood but later discovered its slow cos people don’t always afford wood. So Kris decided to take a new dimension in his business line. He now does designs on cars, bikes, jeans, t-shirts  making  them all personalised, also indulges in tattoos both temporal and permanent, does piercings on tongues and all other parts and is based in Molyko, Buea.

Nexdim promises to bring you more exclusive details on kris and Doggy on some of their techniques used in doing such great jobs.

For more information contact :99 62 49 23

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In the month of  September 2011, R n B , Afro beat sensation and NexDim CEO Steveslil a.k.a NgutiBoy was in Sweden and Finland for a series of concerts and a hook up with Rocanegra music . The sizzling crooner is back in Cameroon after working with top notch producers in Europe .  ”Panjo” is his brand new single already hitting the airwaves all over Cameroon. The song was produced by 18-year-old Nigeria/Cameroon talent , Deecy . Steveslil is currently getting his tasks done as CEO of NexDim and equally oiling his engine to shoot a couple of videos under NexDim production in December.

*Panjo is a Cameroonian slang for ”mad or crazy”

Enjoy !



Turn  on the lights

Light up ur feelings GIRL

I Wanna get closer to you

Temperature arising

The njoka gets started here

This girl ee don di lose control

Bottle for ma hand

I di shack ma shack

Whether I kass for here ma nga go take me home

Palava no dey, na excess ee dey

But If you want money

I go just di troway  ay ay ay


She just di konkodi konkodi go go

Catch ma feeling catch ma feeling                                   2x

OH OH OH I di panjo oh oh panjo oh oh panjo oh oh

This girl ee don di make me panjo     2x

 Verse 2 Read More

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The Micmaniacs in partnership with NexDim present the ”JUMP OFF” Logo Design Contest.

The ”Jump Off ” Dance Contest shall be coming your way in a few months ahead. Design a Logo for the Dance contest and submit to . This Design competition runs from the August 10th to September 18th 2010.

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