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Born on March 29th 1991 in Buea General Hospital, Donald ”Ezkobarz ” Tebee
grew up with his mother and aunty in the cities of Douala and Limbe . At the age of 4, he moved to USA. He attended school at Oak Chapel School in Layhill Rd M.C, MARYLAND till he was 10. He left to Cameroon and  attended PNEU Bota Limbe for the 5th and 6th grade before moving to Secondary school (Bishop Rogan College, Buea) and high school ( Sasse College) . This Cameroonian artist who developed penchant for music at the age of 11 currently lives in Maryland, USA .
Ezkobarz just dropped a nu mixtape titled   “THE DMV ROOKIE”.
His influences include: Friends, Family, God, Books, Music, and Life.

Talking to NexDim , he declares  ; ” Just to let everyone know I’m also workin on upcoming clothing lines called 300 Pair a Mids, clothing Co. and Freak o Nature clothing Co. Am also working on my music videos, a mixtape release party in November … my next mixtape called “METRO MUZIK”

Hmm !! He is definitely in for business . We can’t wait to be clothed by you fam !

Ezkobarz was discovered on Cameroonian social network CAMERBORN .

over [audio:]


Light up[audio:]



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France based Cameroonian MC , LALCKO shall be releasing his new mixtape dubbed ” El Commandante 2.0” on the Wednesday, 15th of September 2010 produced by DJ LEF. According to him, this mixtape is a prelude to his debut album slated to be released by the end of this year. He is currently working  with top notch producers like Wayne Beckford and Selim K . His single  ” John Lobb & Church” is already in circulation.


  • 1. Intro le combat (Sweet Jones pour Skillzstorm)
  • 2. Grands travaux (Fred le Magicien)
  • 3. John Lobb et Church (Selim K)
  • 4. Artiste (Bucksito)
  • 5. Mon bif (S’Key)
  • 6. La cavale (Bucksito)
  • 7. Les inculpés feat Mam’s Maniolo et Black P (Schlass)
  • 8. UmP3 (Nautylus)
  • 9. Pas d’king feat POS51 (S’Key)
  • 10. Felfel feat Felfel (70cL)
  • 11. Bout that life remix (Bucksito)


The  mixtape shall be available via :


Directed by : Just Watch
Co-directed by: Young-lef
Produced by: Bucksito

Extract : El commandante 2.0 in stores, 15 september 2010 on

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Shamir Tazoa a.k.a Luda Ice is a Camerborn student currently living in Boston,MA. He was born in Buea Cameroon and lived most of his life in Cameroon. He attended secondary school at Seat of Wisdom College, Fontem, and later on moved to  Saint Joseph`s College, Sasse, where he completed his A levels and moved over to the U.S. He has been in the U.S  for a little over 2 years now. His love for music started as a kid and since then, both of them have never parted ways. He has a couple of singles out already including the well known hit  “Money on ma mind” featuring Ezkobarz.. who featured some time this week on NexDim. He is currently working on his mixtape titled  ” The Apocalypse” set to be released later this year. We shall keep you posted when this mixtape drops.  His main influence is life.

Money on my mind is a club-banger with a South Side instrumental pattern. Hope you enjoy ! .



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JEDAH a.k.a La Rose Noire is a France based Cameroonian R n B singer and lyricist. He is referred by the media as the son of veteran Cameroonian singer, Beko Sadey. He formed his first group in Cameroon called LA REPLIK. He was influenced to do Hip Hop and R&B at a tender age. Determined and committed to thrive, he started a solo career in France. He released his first mixtape of 14 tracks : ” LA ROSE NOIRE DU GHETTO”. His first hit ”Dancefloor” (below) was welcomed by millions across the world. He was Finalist at the Open Star PARIS 2006 and Pepsi Tour 2006.

In 2007, he decided to collaborate with top notch producers on ” IDEAL DE VIE ” which was locally marketed in Nantes in March 2007 by Big Nguens’s Productions . The positive feedback induced him to continue his adventure with a new production team : MFCL Productions. His  first album   ” DANS MES REVES” drops soon. It features popular artists like  Segnor Alonzo (Psy4 de la Rime), on “COMME DES CHAMPIONS”, Sefyu, Vicelow ( SAIAN SUPPA CREW).
The album which composes various genres like R n B, Crunk, Hip Hop and soul was mixed by  DJ DOUBLE and DJ MEZMERISE  of Sony /BMG.

Jedah names some influences like R Kelly, Stevie Wonder, Usher, Matt Houston, Chris Brown, and Estelle.

I  remember in the early 2000’s Jedah la rose noire used to go by the name Jedah Sadey. Is he truly the son of veteran Cameroonian Makossa musician, Beko Sadey ?. What about Bibiane Sadey?. We shall come to this later after some  findings.

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Julz , Bamenda based Hip Hop overrated artist is back with these smoky club bangers. He is the artist with the greatest street credibility in the city. The first song is ”Like a drummer” and the second is ” Tell me something” . They are extracted from his forth-coming mix-tape. Don’t know about who’s on the hooks. Men! The vocals and the instrumentals are simply professional. Julz is an amazing metaphorical lyricist.

He wants you guys to listen to his songs and give your comments. He will embrace your criticism.

He is currently hooking up the mixtape that will be released sometime soon.

Visit his page to listen to more of his songs and join his fan page.

Like a drummer [audio:]

Tell me something [audio:]

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