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Iya Mohammed was re-elected president of Cameroon Football Association FECAFOOT on Wednesday earning a staggering 97 out of 98 votes cast by the federation’s 102 delegates. But there’s just one funny issue. He was transfered to Kondengui Central Prison on the day of his election for misappropriation of state funds as manager of SODECOTON. Until is released ,  his deputy Alim Konate—who represented him in the election—will run Fecafoot.

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Another day and

another media outing. After Denis Lavigne“s interview of yesterday, it is now the turn of Cameroonian football legend Roger Milla to grab headlines with his own declaration. In an interview granted the national daily Cameroon Tribune, the Roving Ambassador advocates dissolving FECAFOOT as the only way to salvage Cameroon”s drowning football legacy. While this radical suggestion can seem pretty appealing at this time, it is important to factor in the consequences of such an action. A FIFA suspension will surely follow such an act. While this suggestion will surely provide fodder for critics, it is worth noting that the football legend has equally been accused by some as one of those causing trouble in the Lions” den. He is accused of being part of a cabal of elites from the Centre and South region trying to oust Iya Mohammed, a northerner. Whatever the case, it is evident that dissolution won”t solve all the problems plaguing the team.

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According to some print media outlets, a three man delegation made up of Sports Minister Adoum Garoua, FECAFOOT boss Iya Mohammed and Lions' coach Jean – Paul Akono is set to travel to Russia to meet with estranged Indomitable Lion Samuel Eto'o. The alleged purpose of this trip is to convince the striker to call off his rejection of the national team and return to the fold. W

hether this is true or just conjecture or speculation isn't clear but the existence of such stories is adequate proof of the dire situation in which the Cameroonian football brass finds itself. Also when considered that even prior to his appointment as the new coach Akono advocated Eto'o's return, one is tempted to see truth in such reports. The prospect of another non-participation at the AFCON amid rumours of foul management  must prompt such speculations. Vindicated by the Praia defeat, Samuel Eto'o finds himself enjoying much public good will. His messianic position in the eyes of Cameroonian football fans has never been this strong. Such a position easily obliterates memories of an earlier time when the player was thought to be a major part of the problem with the Lions. What a sudden turn in events.


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Indomitable Lions’ coach Denis Lavagne is once again making headlines for all the wrong reasons. According to a letter made public recently, the French man has been asked to respect state authorities and their representatives. FECAFOOT boss Iya Mohammed made the call after  Denis Lavagne was alleged to have made disrespectful comments  and manifested spite towards  the Minster of Sports and Physical Education and some of his close collaborators during the matches pitting the Lions against Libya and the D.R.C respectively. Pending Denis Lavagne’s  version and if this allegation turns out to be true, we must say the French man by virtue of such behaviour is paving his way out of the favour of most Cameroonians and out of the job.

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Cameroon’s football legend Roger Milla has been stripped off his role as honorary president of FECAFOOT after throwing bullets at the President Iya Mohammed and other officials for corruption and mismanagement. This decision was arrived at on Wednesday 16th May during a meeting held with all FECAFOOT officials in Yaounde . Article 45 of their statute stipulates the expulsion of any member who is guilty of jeopardizing the name of the institution.

According to Roger Milla who wasn’t present during the judgment, this decision doesn’t hurt him in any way but rather brings him  great relief and he is determined to continue his campaign against the bottle-necks.

The 59-year-old African player of the century has been critical of Fecafoot president Mohammed Iya and other officials over Cameroon’s failure to qualify for January’s African Cup and disciplinary action against player Samuel Eto’o.

Another executive David Mayebi was also removed from his functions.

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