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”…And the winner is Dr Sley and Da Green Soljas”. Nominated for Best Activist at Honesty Oscars in USA with his song ”Down by the riverside”, the Cameroonian reggae-soul sensation Dr Sley finally clinched a WIN with 40 % of the 80,000 vote . Kudos !

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Dr Sley’s song ‘Down by the riverside’ has been nominated for Best activist anthem in Honesty Oscars Awards 2014 , an award that doesn’t only honor Hollywood films but the creative works of activists and organizations that fight global corruption. Dr Sley’s song delves into the fight against corruption in all segments of society religious and political . The results shall be announced this day Sunday 2nd . Check out the following link :

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Doctor Sley, Africa’s Reggae Soul Messenger launches his debut album titled, ‘Inspired ’ with a free live concert and reggae party on Saturday October 12,2013, in Buea.
Come witness the unveiling of Africa’s love and peace messenger.
This album titled “Inspired” presents a unique inspiring and revolutionary message of a new kind of love, belief and hope for Africa.
Are you sick of reggae militis? Come have some dose of reggae music. Buea will be Jamaica come October 12, 2013.

CD front

Dr Sley is a poet and prophet whose every word commands africa’s collective ear. For this reason, he is aware his fame will be perceived a threat to some quarters.
You can’t afford to miss this extraordinary revelation.

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After  ”Prescription” which enabled him clinch a well-deserved Cameroon Entertainment Award for best reggae act, Dr Sley returns with a mature and exhilarating delivery of reggae/soul sensation in his new musical wizardry titled ”Baby Don’t cry”. The soul-searching opus is an extract from his impending LP titled ”Inspired”. The recording, mixing and mastering was done at M1 studios -Buea. Be the first to listen by clicking on the link below;


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With the announcement of the nominees for the next edition of the Mboa Hiphop Awards, join our new series where we spotlight the nominees in the various categories and make predictions. Here is the first installment in this 10 part series. The best r’n’b category has one of the second highest number of nominees,7 to be exact. Here are the nominees, with pic and stats.

First on the list is Duc Z. The Douala – based rapper has been consistent on the music scene and recently garnered much cred for his smash hit “Je ne donne pas le lait“. His latest release “African mamy”  is interesting.  Brand name : Pretty well known. Hit song views : “Je ne donne pas lait” = close to 37,500 in 1 yr, “African mamy” = close to 31,500 in two months.





Next is Achalle. The crooner shot to fame after winning the 2008 edition of the talent show star2demain. He is best known for the hit “Feeling insecured“. Brand name : Kinda known. Youtube Hit song views : Feeling insecured = about 24, 100 in 4 yrs.





Right behind is Prosby. Post flirting with boy band J’E’M, he went solo and released the lady – praising hit Mboa girl“. Brand name : Kinda known. YouTube hit song views : Mboa girl = around 33, 0000 in 8 months





Then comes Sine. The slow -singing winner of AfricaStar 2008 has transformed into some sort of a rude boy with his tract “Koh koh“. Brand name = Well known. Youtube hit song views : Koh koh = 51, 600 views after 1 months




Up next is X Maleya. The boys followed up their successful albums “Exil” and eponymous “X Maleya” with smash hit -filled  “Tous ensemble” which accounts for their nomination. Brand name = popularly well known. Youtube hit song views : Tchokolo = around 511 000 after 1 yr, Son me = around 59 000 in 9 months, I go tell = 169 000 in 5 months, Yelele = around 630 000 in 3 yrs


And then One Rocky. With his track “I go love you“, the young r’n’b singer shoot to national fame. Brand name : Known. YouTube hit song views : I go love you = around 1 000, Boom boom = close to 6 000.



Dr Sley closes the list. He has been in the game for a while and can lay claim to his share of fame. buy cialis online with no prescription Brand name : Known. YouTube hit views : Down by the river side = around 1000 views. Busy busy = around 2 000.



From the look of things, this category is a two – horse race, pitting Duc Z against X Maleya. Sine and Prosby can kindly be considered outsiders. As for the rest, well…. I dare predict, come award day, X Maleya will walk home with the prize. Who disagrees if they won’t agree?



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CEA nominee DR SLEY with superlative hits like ”Busy Busy” and ”Down by the riverside” has thrived to augment his fan base. He recently collaborated with Douala-based rap group METISSAGE on the remix of ”Busy busy” which is gradually creeping into mainstream. The collaboration was facilitated by Kamer Attitude, a marketing and promotion agency. The song was produced and recorded at M1 Studios , Buea . You’ll probably love the video !


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Cameroonian Reggae-soul artist and CEA nominee DR SLEY, best known for smash songs like ''Busy busy'', and 'Down by the riverside''  shall be thrilling  connoisseurs of good music with a live performance of  enthusing and classic hits off his rich repertoire. He shall be performing melodious songs from ''Prescrition'' and ''Positive'' albums.  The Live concert dubbed ''DR SLEY Acoustic VIP Nyte'' shall take place from 6:30 Pm on the 16th of June 2012 at the CELEBRITY HALL , Hotel Residence Carlos-Buea, featuring breath-taking  artists Richard King and Sersha. Officially powered by Bluemoon Distribution and M1 Studios.

ENTRY FEE: 5000 frs



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_Reggae , pop sensation Dr Sley created massive hysteria during the ”Fix It Show” performing hits from his album ”Positive”. The entire album delves into issues plaguing our society and preaches positive messages of change. His rhythm and style are definitely worth spending your money for. After releasing ”Busy Busy”, a video realised in UK, the Buea-based dread-locked singer is back in the building with a new self-directed video  dubbed ”Down by the riverside”. He is currently building  dexterity as a video director. This video is a must-watch!


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Cameroon Entertainment Award CEA of 2012 the very first of its kind, out to give recognition to all talented Cameroonians is to take place on the 28th come July 2012 at the Prestigious Cramton Auditorium, Washington D.C. America.

Nominees into this home – inborn and inspired recognized celebrity award in the  musical brand  have been made public with profiles of  the big names like Les Nubians, Adah, Dr. Sley, Jovi, X Maleya, Petit Pays, Luxland, Wax Dey ft Don Tom and many more.

Get the chance to uncover the mores and their various categories in this outstanding award.

Best gospel artist

*   Anita Etta

*   Odile Ngaska

*   Sister elizabeth Tekeh

*   Ngeh Loveline

*   Achalle

*   Josephine Atanga

*   Walta Blackson

Best makossa artist

*   Petit Pays

*   Longue Longue

*   Nono Flavie

*   Mbu Gapbs

*   Ndedi Eyango

Best rnb\pop\afropop artist

*   Wax Dey

*   Sine

*   Myra Maimoh

*   Naomi Achu

*   Duc – Z

Best reggae\dancehall artist of the year

*  Dr Sley

*  Tufgone

*  Zita K

*  Ankias valleyman

Best Folklore

*  Tata Kingue

*  Guy Watson

*  Bate Nico

*  Ateh Bazore

* Jacob Ngini

*  Prince Yerimah Afo Akom

Best bikutsi artist

*   Lady Ponce

*  Daniel Baka’a

*  Clarisse Valerie

*  Letis Diva

*  Majoie Ayi

Best Jazz artist

*  Manu Dibango

*  Ntjam Rosie

*  Andy Allo

*  Richard Bona

*  Kalhil Janice Kasma

Best male vocalist

*  Achalle

*  Uncle T

*  Dr Sley

*  Damien Blue

*  Vincent de Paul Ngako

Best female vocalist

*  Debra debs

*  Myra Maimoh

*  Naomi Achu

*  Zinnia

*  Irma

Best rap act

*  Dr Kapt

*  Jovi

*  Naomi Achu

*  Krotal

*  Pit Bacardi

*  Tony Nobody

Best male artist

*   Dr Sley
*   Sine

*   Achalle

*   Wax Dey

*   Luxland

Best female artist

*   Kaissa

*   Zinnia

*   Menoosha

*   Myra Maimoh

*   Naomi AChu

*   Irma

Best artist world music

*   Wes Madiko

*   Stypak Samo

*   Blick Bassy

*   Kaissa

*   Irma

Best music album of the year

*   X Maleya – Tous Ensemble

*   Lady Ponce – Trahison

*   Petit PAys – Mathematik de Petit Pays

*   Dr KApt – Hot Kwacoco

*   Naomi Achu – Positive Energy

*   Dr Sley – Positive

Hottest single of the year

*   Don 4 Kwat – Jovi

*   Tchokolo – X MAleya

*   Alhadji – Naomi Achu

*   Girly Girly – Luxland

*   I know – Irma

*   Mignoncite – Guy Watson

Best Collaboration

*    Koh koh – Sine ft Jovi

*    Origin Bloc – Majoie Ayi & Tanus Foe

*    Disorder – Dr Kapt ft Sharen & M. Chill

*    Cant Take It Away – Adolf ft Denzyl & Onezeal

*    Cadavere – Naomi Achu ft Eddy B

Best music video

*   Don 4 kwat – Jovi

*   Girly Girly – Luxland

*   Alhadji –  Naomi Achu

*  Koh koh – sine

*  Cant Take it away – Adolf ft Denzyl & Onezeal

*  Achalle – the blessing hand

Best music producer

*   Pit Bacardi- Emile Ngumbah (M1 studio)

*   Walta Blackson – Chillen music entertainment vision 1 studio USA

*   Achille Mbanga – Bahood records

Best performer

*   Lady Ponce

*   Dr Kapt

*   Rough Kumba boy

*   Naomi AChu

*   Petit Pays

Best new artist

*   Sine

*   Naomi Achu

*   Dr Sley

*   Andy Allo

*   X Maleya

Best music group

*   X Maleya

*   Les Nubians

*   BAAM

*   Bright Phase

*   Gospel Musical

This is just in the musical brand so stay glued reading through the lines on nexdimempire as we bring you more in film, modelling and other outlets.

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The Mboa Hip Hop Awards has been one of the most prestigious award ceremonies in Cameroon Hip Hop music scene, gathering all the buzz and hype on Canal 2 though revolving only around French-speaking Cameroon artists,  segregating English-speaking artists;  ”A French-speaking Cameroon thing”.

This year , a vehement promise was made by the organizers to get artists from the English-speaking part of the country utterly involved in the activities of this edition. Hopes got ignited and a feeling of belonging sparked off.  A sense of unity !

Fair enough, a derogatory category was nursed dubbed ”Best Anglophone Artist” having as nominees;  Zinnia, Adah, and Dr Sley . Apartheid ? I don’t know .

This act of segregation got several English-speaking artists and music pundits worried, feeling a foul air looming which urged them to air out sad sentiments on social networks  FACEBOOK and TWITTER:

STV 2 presenter, Tito Valery called on all not to vote anybody in that category and lamented why there isn’t a category for ”Best Francophone Artist”

Daddy Black, Steveslil and a plethora of English-speaking artists expressed sad feelings either. The humilation didn’t end there but extended to a putrid level of treatment experienced by the English-speaking nominees in Douala.

Reggae-soul sensation Dr Sley , who just arrived from UK , a nominee in that category made this remark on Facebook after making the trip to Douala for  the award ceremony;

” They told us of Akwa Palace as our hotel, but rather we went to one funny house not fit to call a hotel, without a tv working, bathing from a bucket, DIRTY BED SHIPS AND PILLOW CASE. as if its not enough, I DID NOT EVEN PERFORM. now I am asking WHY? Every single French artist was to pass on stage before any English artist. Then due to the boring nature of some of their artists, the show ended. Now I did not pick up award, I did not have a good sleep, I did not perform to my fans. Then why did they invite me. Even my transport they did not provide but every french artist was given something or was transported. Now, we are like strangers in our land. Well, we don’t need them to be up there. The work continues”

Another factor that marred this year’s Mboa Hip Hop Award was the voting procedure; Dr Sley speaks out;

”The first question I ask when I arrived, how come we are voting to a personal telephone number, what  if the person deletes some votes in favor to another person? They said, because the MTN Data base which they have could not hold all the votes. But my question is how many messages can a phone receive, not up to 150 messages. But i know i got atleast 500 votes. How could they manage it? So i knew its all fake. But i was left back to perform and till now i feel terrible for not singing to my people. I had a good message for them. well Jah took us back savely and i say thanks to all those who believed in me.

What then is the next step for artists from the English speaking part of Cameroon ?

However, here are the various award winners.

1.Best Rap album : Puzzle de Ayriq Akam

2. Revelation of the Year : Lauren By

3. Best producer : Dj’s Panebo for wha’a gwaan de Sultan Oshimihn

4. Best Reggae album: Black Queen de Sultan Oshimihn

5. Best Reggae artist : Sultan Oshimihn

6. Best Rn’b artist: Duc-Z

7. Best Rap Artist: Sir Nostra

8. Best video : Bienvenue au Cameroun de Ayriq Akam par Kallash

9. Best collaboration : Krotal, Danielle Eog dans A nous la vie

10. Best Album / Maxi/ Single hip hop fusion: X Maleya, Tous ensemble

11. Best Maxi/ Single/ Street album : Boudor Nouvelle page

12. Best Anglophone Artist : Zinnia


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