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Rosy Chicks is quite poly-musical , fusing Hip hop,Afro Beat, Dancehall and Makossa. Her artistry in singing in both English , pidgin and French gives her the advantage to cut her message across a wider audience. Her latest release ”Scandalous” features Putuputu 1 of Africa” and ‘Wifey’ hit-maker DONTOM. Interviewed on a sister site, she revealed that she is an ardent fan of the Nigerian artist. She shall be performing @ Stesa Re-union in Essen-Germany on August 24. 


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While budding Cameroonian urban artists keep making untiring efforts to jump on the springboard of fame, some Nigerian acts are having a very smooth path into the Cameroonian music market. Cameroon has been the promise land for some Nigerian artistes who have not succeeded to attract the spotlight in their country nor caught the attention of any marketer in Alaba. These songs that become accepted by Cameroonian music lovers are usually smuggled into Cameroon through online downloads and bootleg Nigerian collections. 

Dontom‘s 2011 debut single ”Wifey” was unpopular in Nigeria when it became a number one hit in Cameroon getting massive rotation  on radio, TV, nightclubs and bars. Dontom’s music tour in Cameroon caused hysteria as thousands  of fans flocked to the venues. It was quite evident that his music conquered Cameroon, opening a door to further adventures.

Prince Chinedu Nwadike is another quintessence of an artist who has been raised to fame by Cameroonians. His song ”Will you marry me” was a wedding and club anthem last year in Cameroon. Little did the Nigerian gospel sensation know that his song was top of the charts in Cameroon. He was guest on ”Jambo” a few months ago and its quite evident that the official video of the song will be financed by Tchop Tchop. 

The afore-mentioned artists succeeded to break-through in Cameroon because each fan became a die-hard promoter and the songs became viral . 

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Latest musical collabo in Africa ever, produced by Godfather Productions, this just released bombshell has Cameroon’s South African based artist of Lolhiphop Records music label Wax Dey in a duet with Nigerian superstar Dontom entitled ‘I Don See My Wife‘. The hit video which will be premiered very exclusively on MTV Base by tomorrow Friday at 7am, 1pm and 9:19pm South African time, is boosted by a cameo appearance from Big Brother Africa housemate and friend of Lolhiphop Records – Nkuli Ngqola.

Gud nus for all fans, the song and video can be downloaded free on a specified duration, so waste no time cos nature’s naturalness exploited in the video renders it so so awesome.


To download, click :

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”I don see ma wife” has been one of the greatest hits in Cameroon in 2010. The author of the song remained anonymous  until discovered  a month  ago. Some believed the song was done by a Cameroonian based in Nigeria  due to the use of  the phrase ;”Na u be ma cherie koko” . While the song was hitting airwaves around Cameroon in pirated mp3 CDs, some smart K-town guys hooked up a video for the song compelling Cameroonians to believe they were the true authors of the song.  Fiango ! . The controversy which surrounded this song has been cleared.

Dontom is the author of the song‘ My wify” pirated in Cameroon as ”I don see ma wife” . Dontom is a Nigerian artist and entertainer who hails from Akwa Ibom State. Interviewed on Jambo TV by Kletus, he disclosed that   ”Na you be ma cherie koko” inspiration came from his primary school days, when he attended French classes. He understands ‘Cherie Koko’ to  mean ” Beautiful girl”. lol.

Good news, Dontom shall be performing in 3 towns of  Cameroon this December ; Douala  , ”Eferno Festival in Ekona , and in Limbe. The concert dates shall be communicated to you.

To listen to his entire album , follow this link

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