April 24, 2024

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POLEMIC: Do Cameroonians raise some Nigerian musicians to fame?

While budding Cameroonian urban artists keep making untiring efforts to jump on the springboard of fame, some Nigerian acts are having a very smooth path into the Cameroonian music market. Cameroon has been the promise land for some Nigerian artistes who have not succeeded to attract the spotlight in their country nor caught the attention of any marketer in Alaba. These songs that become accepted by Cameroonian music lovers are usually smuggled into Cameroon through online downloads and bootleg Nigerian collections. 

Dontom‘s 2011 debut single ”Wifey” was unpopular in Nigeria when it became a number one hit in Cameroon getting massive rotation  on radio, TV, nightclubs and bars. Dontom’s music tour in Cameroon caused hysteria as thousands  of fans flocked to the venues. It was quite evident that his music conquered Cameroon, opening a door to further adventures.

Prince Chinedu Nwadike is another quintessence of an artist who has been raised to fame by Cameroonians. His song ”Will you marry me” was a wedding and club anthem last year in Cameroon. Little did the Nigerian gospel sensation know that his song was top of the charts in Cameroon. He was guest on ”Jambo” a few months ago and its quite evident that the official video of the song will be financed by Tchop Tchop. 

The afore-mentioned artists succeeded to break-through in Cameroon because each fan became a die-hard promoter and the songs became viral .