June 24, 2024

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Dontom : ”I don see ma Wife” hit-maker storms Cameroon.

”I don see ma wife” has been one of the greatest hits in Cameroon in 2010. The author of the song remained anonymous  until discovered  a month  ago. Some believed the song was done by a Cameroonian based in Nigeria  due to the use of  the phrase ;”Na u be ma cherie koko” . While the song was hitting airwaves around Cameroon in pirated mp3 CDs, some smart K-town guys hooked up a video for the song compelling Cameroonians to believe they were the true authors of the song.  Fiango ! . The controversy which surrounded this song has been cleared.

Dontom is the author of the song‘ My wify” pirated in Cameroon as ”I don see ma wife” . Dontom is a Nigerian artist and entertainer who hails from Akwa Ibom State. Interviewed on Jambo TV by Kletus, he disclosed that   ”Na you be ma cherie koko” inspiration came from his primary school days, when he attended French classes. He understands ‘Cherie Koko’ to  mean ” Beautiful girl”. lol.

Good news, Dontom shall be performing in 3 towns of  Cameroon this December ; Douala  , ”Eferno Festival in Ekona , and in Limbe. The concert dates shall be communicated to you.

To listen to his entire album , follow this link