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Realms Squad debuted with “Original Makossa” which gave them a formidable platform . The duo was later signed by Wax Dey ‘s Lolhiphop and parted ways in 2015. The two members Vivid Smith and Abz have decided to pursue solo projects . Here is a well-crafted Afro-pop and Njang blend dished out by  singer Vivid Smith featuring Abz titled “MULEMA” .  Fantastic music  and great video. Originality and uniqueness is what characterises this masterpiece. 

Enjoy !

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Lolhiphop Records has confirmed a 10 million FCFA record deal with Cameroonian pop duo Realm Squad.


The group will henceforth be managed by UK-based promoter Elisa Desbordes-Cisse who also works with Fally Ipupa and Yaya Toure, while Cameroon-based Estelle Ahanda will join their team as publicist.

It all started when producer and Lolhiphop co-founder, Wax Dey stumbled on a YouTube video of the group and declared on his wall that they were so ‘fuckin talented’ and he was ready to put 10 million and more on them.

The post caused quite a stir, drawing attention even from South African media. Talks were soon underway and a deal was concluded.


One part of the duo, Abz stated: ‘Vivid and I set up realm squad to show the world Makossa is Cameroonian and international. We have been trying to move into our own place and focus on making music. In just two days, our plans are already underway – now we’re able to move to our own house in Douala and set up a state-of-the-art studio. Our fans can look forward to a new, re-energised Realm Squad. We’re ready to take over Africa.’

Realm squad is made up of Abz, who produces their tracks and raps, and Vivid, the singer. They burst into the limelight recently with the hit song ‘Original Makossa’.

Watch ‘Original Makossa’ video:

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Realm Squad are proud to unveil the video of their first official single titled “Original Makossa’ under Max Empire imprint . The song depicts originality and chanted with verve to get you in a party mood. We have anticipated and the wait is over. Video honed by the indefatigable Nkeng Stephens .


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Da Realm Squad are  presently preparing to release the video of their Afro pop / Makossa song titled “Original Makossa “. The tune, which dropped last year got all the acclamation from music pundits but was marred by a lackluster promotion strategy. The video might just be the engine to accelerate a well-deserved marketing for the song.  Watch out for the exclusive release on Nexdim Empire.


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da realm squad

Incredibly gifted Afro-pop/R&B duo Da Realm Squad (Vivid and Abz) took the spotlight when they dropped ‘Sunflower’  video , October  2012. Since then, the dynamic prodigies have been unstoppable. ”Original Makossa” is the group’s first single in 2014 under Max Empire. The song is a well-crafted blend of Afro-pop and makossa.

Enjoyam !

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Buea-based artist Rayon is definitely at the acme of his game. After debuting with “”Sunflower””yle=”color: #000000;”>, which features Da Realm Squad, the Street Talkz Entertainment-affiliated artist has been sought-after for his originality and prowess. The video of “”Sunflower”” we”ve all been waiting is finally here for you to watch, directed and produced by Rayon himself. The video could just be his spring-board to the sky !. Kudos .

Contact Artist:

Street Talkz Entertainment.


Enjoy !

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Group Name: Da Realm Squad

Origin: South West, North West Cameroon

Genres: Rap, RnB, Afro Hip Hop, Makossa, Dance

Labels: Street Talkz Entertainment, Poineer Records, Buea

Associated acts: Rayon, Kay, Mel B, Syrus D

Realm Squad is a Camer Hip Hop group conprising 5 members namely; Abz (Cameroon), Vivid (Cameroon), Gilo Brown (US), Benky (Nigeria), Colins (Nigeria).


Da Realm Squad  started during secondary school days in P.C.H.S Bamenda with 4 members. Their interest during their secondary school days was to create a buzz in dancing. Later, they developed penchant for music , recording their first ever track at West Wind Records in Bamenda. While other dance groups danced to songs sang by other artists, Da Realm Squad got on the stage with their own  songs.
Performing during school shows created an amazing awareness that catapulted them  to perform at Alliance Franco Camerounaise (AFC) , Bamenda in the presence of the Minister of Culture , on World Music Day.
After this performance, it could be confirmed by many people who attended the ceremony that the Realm Squad was an adept and versatile group.  They thrilled music lovers with their energetic, captivative and choreographic style. The group became one of the most sought-after groups in Bamenda  , hence grabbing the opportunity to perform at the  Bamenda trade Fair 2007/2008.
: #000000;”>From that moment till this date, Da Realm Squad is not just viewed as a dancing group but a perfect combination of dancing and a singing crew. 

Their unmatchable talent lured Street TALKZ Entertainment executive KAY to sign Da Realm Squad under the label.  Da Realm Squad released a first single “Why” under the label which propelled them to recognition amongst industry heavy-weights. An additional member  ,Nigerian-born  Colins Egems has collaborated with well known Nigerian artists like Wizkid, Timaya and Faze.


The new explosive song  “Sunflower”  ft RAYON was produced by Dj Abz of Street Talkz Entertainment and recorded at Pioneer Records. “Sunflower” is presently getting good airplay in Cameroon. ''Instead of copying the Nigerians style of music , we are determined to be original and unique . All we have to do is to modify our own brand of music( Makossa) and take it to the international level'' Says the group leader.

Golden message to fans;

''Listening to our own home-made music is an important role that our fans have played. We say hello to all our fans and promises to never fail them. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and all other social networks because we will always keep you updated on the latest tracks we release.
But for now, while playing the 'Sunflower' audio, wait for the Sunflower video, to be released soon. Thank you for being there''

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy !

Sunflower ft RAYON[audio:]

Contact Artist:

Street Talkz Entertainment.



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