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Fallait Pas

The tides are rising with a new trend of bikutsi music taking over the media. As the frenzy surrounding Mani Bella’s ”Pala pala” gradually effaces, Coco Argentee has resurfaced with an epic song titled ”Fallait pas” off her new album ”Tresor”. We are now poised to understand that the most successful contemporary bikutsi tunes have aspects of  obscenity. ”Fallait pas” is the new chart-topping hit in Cameroon. Quite a mouth-watering story tho’. 




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Fans of bikutsi an

d Coco Argentée should gear up for this. Come December 8 this year, “La go des ways” as Coco Argentée is fondly known shall be performing live in Bordeaux, France. The hard – hitting performer will be accompanied by another Bikutsi lady Dahlia Fotsing. This event has been dubbed “La Nuit des Divas” and promises to be a treat for all who will attend given that top selling herbal viagra since coming unto the music scene Coco Argenteé has won a great following due to her music as well as her onstage performances which some now compare with those of Bikutsi grand lady K-Tino.

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Bikusti musician Coco Argentee has released another video. The video is for “Mbanze bikutsi”: the sixth track off her first album that was released early this year. Mbanze is an Ivorian word meaning gossip. This video has however been greeted with mixed reviews as some say it is more of the same.

Watch and listen for yourselves.


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Ladies seem to have cracked the Bikutsi code more than their male counterparts. Going by the number of women bursting unto to scene this assessment is very true. One of the ladies who has been making waves recently is Coco Argentée. Born Nytem Mekuku Corinne ,the Belgium- based artist  released  ,to much fanfare, her first album entitled “Nostalgie” in 2011. She wrote  and passed the popularity test with electrifying perfromances at Yafe and Caroussel. So much hype greeted her coming  that one question is worth asking ? Is she Bikutsi’s new It girl? Well, if you’re a fan of the usual Bikutsi– heavily couched in  innuendo’s- then this is your girl. But if  you’re looking for something new and fresh, then you better re-shelf  your hopes. This artist is a true student of the K-Tino school of Bikutsi. Controversial lyrics, provocative dancing, 6 minutes + long songs etc. There is nothing special about the artist. Just another one exploiting the public’s immoral penchants. See for yourself.

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