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The Cameroonian music scene is a diverse mix of all sorts of people who are united by their love of the game and their immense talent. One of those is Rio Phills whose love for hip-hop in particular and music in general comes from deep within. We caught up with the artist and he had this to say. Kindly tell our readers who Rio Phills is?

Rio Phills: Hi everybody. There’s not much to say about me. I’m just a  guy who loves music and who wants to share that passion with people all over the world. When did you get into music and what are some of your influences?

Rio Phills: I have been making music for four or five years now and I listen to many genres ranging from Rock ‘n’ Roll to pop, country, r’n’b, hip-hop, electro and so much more. Some of my favorite artists are people like  Mohombi,2 Face Idibia, K’Naan, Akon , Linkin Park, Nneka, Ayo  and others. Why then are you drawn to hip-hop in particular?

Rio Phills: Destiny. ( laughs). Seriously, I can’t explain this. During  my childhood, I listened to all  kinds of music but I’ve decided to sing r’n’b, hip-hop, electro. It’s just how it goes . It’s the style of music I like the most. It comes from deep within my soul. What are your impressions about the state of hip-hop in Cameroon?

Rio Phills: There are many great talents but the hip-hop industry here needs more support, promotion and professionalism. What are your accomplishments so far and what more are you planning?

Rio Phills: Since I started, some people have always been telling me to make an album. I think that an artist doesn’t only have to  make an album for the sake of making an album. You have to be strategic. First of all, you should build your fan base with people who will support your music and who will be able to buy it when they  hear it’s been released. Many unknown hip-hops artists here often release albums; it is not bad but you must get great promotion in order to succeed in such a situation. Talking about me and my career, first of all ,I want to release my first single because this far  I only have demos recorded and mastered by me. I think that today I am ready to make a single and I want it to be international. I am taking all my time to work on it. It can be ready in a few months. I will make a video and I will promote it. I’m self-sponsored but I would really like to get a contract with a producer or a label to help me achieve this. With your experiences so far, will you encourage anybody to become a hip-hop artist in Cameroon and why?

Rio Phills: Why not? But never abandon your studies to make music. First of all, you should consider hip-hop as a hobby, a passion. Your education should be your priority. Me for example, I’m a student in the University here in Cameroon. Maybe if you sign a serious contract then you can concentrate all your energy on your career. Any last word?

Rio Phills: Download and listen to my demos for free on my reverbnation page . Tell your friends, family, and everybody around you to do same . The first single is coming soon with an official video as well. For more, join my official facebook page Thanks for your time.

Rio Phills: You are welcome. All the pleasure is mine.

There you have it nexdim people. For anyone seeking to contact Rio Phills, here are his contacts: Mail: Phone: 00237 97 61 59 07 Links:










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The Cameroonian music scene has  a new diva in the person of  Cristy Sweet born Ndomo Cristelle. After having flirted with hip  hop groups like Natural D.C and danced for heavy weights like K-Tino , the red-haired artist decided to go solo and recently  released her debut album containing huge doses of bikutsi, her favourite rhythm, and hints of  hip-hop , meringue,etc. In the overcrowded Cameroonian music arena, this lady formerly known as Cristy D.C stands out not only by her hair style but also by her intensity. Although she can be considered another quintessential bikutsi artist – i.e who can’t sing without refering to “man and woman” palaver, one kind of falls in love with her style – she uses imagery from popular cartoon characters to sing about what she sings about. Get a listen for yourself, you’ll surely love it.

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The question seems mundane, banal and even stupid. What’s in a name? A candid overview of the cameroonian music scene and  you discover that some artists generate hype not from the number of  hits they spin but from their name. That should give a new perspective to the question. Nobody is saying that  fetters should be put on artists’ freedom in choosing their names. Somebody is simply saying that artists should be conscious that choosing a stage name is no simple exercise but one that demands deep thought. Some names come with a certain connotational load that either imputes something to the artist who chooses it or implies something about the said artist. When an artist decides to choose a name like Cathy La “Chatte” (translation Cathy “The pussy” both words in French and English have the same connotational load) does the artist mean that she has cat qualities or they are the other meaning of the word. What’s then is in a name. A name is a public statement of who we think we are or how we want to be perceived. So when an artist chooses a name like Fifi “Negresse” do they want they want to share in the adjectives that come with the word “negresse”. Choosing a name at the oneset of a carrier is a decision that should be carefully considered. Some names have antecedents that most people usually don’t want to identify with or perpetuate. Despite our noblest intentions the public tends to focus on the negative side of an ambiguous name. In my humble opinion even if these names are intentional (for marketing purposes) artists by choosing them become unwilling participants in impeding their popularity from  reaching new frontiers. When you watch music videos from  Nigerian artist Nigga Raw meant for the Nigerian market his full names are written but watch his name on the MTV-broadcast of his “In love with an angel” song, the name is Raw ft. T.J. Where the “Nigga” chunk at? Artists should beware of the names they ascribe to themselves. Wrong name and you’re shooting your brand in the foot. Just saying. Feel free to think otherwise or disagree.

Apologies for the use of the “N” word. Explicitaion constraint.

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Hi there nexdimemperors and nexdimempresses. Permit us add another Cameroonian artists to your already- impressive collection. Andréa Museba is her name. She is another Cameroonian artists we discovered during our constant searches. She is the daughter of a Cameroonian father and a Congolese mother. Her name Museba means “sound of the trumpet” in the douala vernicular. Last year she released her first album -made up of 12 tracks- entitled ‘One day’ . This release was marked by an acclaimed performance at the Goethe Institute in Yaounde. Make your own opinion of this latest addition to the Cameroonian music scene. Below is one of her videos entitled “Nayo slowly”. Watch and let us know what you think of her music.

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