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Clarence Seedorf

Patrick Kluivert

Former Dutch internationals Clarence Seedorf and Patrick Kluivert appointed to manage the Indomitable Lions at the 32nd African Cup of Nations to take place in Cameroon. 

This decision comes after a volte face on getting Eriksson due to his overly high wage demand. Clarence Seedorf has very little experience as a head coach. He coached Deportivo De la Coruna but the team was relegated to Division 2 while his duty as manager of his former club AC Milan in 2014 was ephemeral. FC Shenzhen equally wasn’t a fertile ground for Seedorf. However, Sports minister Bidoung Mpkatt and FECAFOOT might be counting largely on his experience as a footballer and hope his assiduity and savoir faire as a coach might bring positive results. #NexDimEmpire

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Graceful 21-year-old Ayika Vennessa originates from Nso, North West region of Cameroon. She has a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Buea. Modeling became her passion when she turned 19.


She became an enlistee under the reputable modeling agency TeamKellyB where she has been pursuing her career. She loves singing, acting, cooking, smiling and posing.


Vennessa has nursed the dream of becoming a top Model in Africa and the world.


Her refined dark photogenic color smashing body figure will definitely take her to the pedestal of upper-level models in Cameroon.

(Photo Credit: Kelly B photography – 679731058)



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Much buzz has been proliferating after the star-studded “Rose on The Grave” Blue Carpet premiere last Saturday. The glam, the glitz and ostentatious decor of Saint John’s plaza -Douala gave the event well-deserved grandeur.


About the artists who performed at the event, the most talked-about is R&B/Reggae-Dancehall up and coming diva Montess. What a stunning discovery! . 

Her immense talent captured the attention of Cameroon Hip hop headliner Stanley Enow who couldn’t wait to post about her on his official Facebook page.


The Buea-based singing goddess is signed under Trackzone ‘s imprint. Her brand new single “Gunman” is such a scintillating piece of music and confirms her musical savvy. She gives you the urge to ask for more.

Montess is definitely journeying out of obscurity to spotlight. Watch out for an exclusive release in your fave Cameroonian entertainment blog Nexdim Empire. 

Check her out:

Twitter: @Montess

Facebook page: MONTESS 



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Phenomenal beauty goddess Ade Kelly takes the spot for our Women Crush Wednesday . The actress has featured in movies like “A little lie a little kill, “Chasing Tales” , and “Bad Angel, which is currently being aired on CRTV ( every Tuesdays,  Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7pm ).

More grease to your elbow “Barbie” like you often refer to yourself. 

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Our Cameroonian Movie Star and CEO of Blue Rain Entertainment appears to be our today’s crush and star of the week.I define her under two words (Women Empowerment).Gorgeous,soft spoken,talented,God fearing,brave and kind hearted just to name a few.Watch out for more news about her later this week.

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Photo: Museba pose....this is it


Afro-pop sensation and unmatch’d beauty  MUSEBA has treaded the urban path with footprints that cannot be effaced. She debuted with ”Nayo” off a 12-track-album titled ”One day”. With an electrifying song and impeccable video titled ”Bom bom bom” unveiled in 2012, she was just that unexpected torpedo that took Cameroon by storm. Her ineffable charisma , irresistible charm, mellow-voice has attracted the affection of millions of fans across Africa. Her name ”Museba” which means in Duala language  ”Trumpet” is a signal of her soul-searching brass notes , panache and flair she’s brought in the Cameroon  urban music industry. NexDim caught up with ‘every man’s dream girl friend” for an exclusive interview about her career exploits and prospects. Let’s delve into her humble life!

NEXDIM EMPIRE: Hello Museba. How are you doing?

MUSEBA: I’m good. Thank GOD !

NEXDIM EMPIRE: In brief, who is Museba?

MUSEBA: I’m just a young African lady who has a deep passion for music and other arts, I just wish to share it with the world all my life.

NEXDIM EMPIRE : So many people get confused about your origins. Can you please clarify the ambiguity?

MUSEBA: Yes ! lot of confusions. My Dad is Cameroonian, my mum is from DRC Congo and I was born in Abidjan.

NEXDIM EMPIRE: Did you ever nurse the thought that ‘bom bom bom’ could be successful?

MUSEBA: I was expecting it but I’m still looking for more success not only the positive one from ”Bom bom bom” but in a general view. So the best is coming soon !!

NEXDIM EMPIRE: What has been your experience after unveiling your single ‘bom bom bom’

MUSEBA: I got different and new experiences after ‘Bom bom bom’ about perfomances collabs around the world and I appreciate it.

NEXDIM EMPIRE: How was your expedition in Abidjan?

MUSEBA: Abidjan was crazy good ! I was born there and it’s always good to go back home and see my family. I got the opportunity to perform at Kim Kardashian’s Night in Abidjan and I’ ve done my next upcoming single there too with an Ivorian sound producer.

NEXDIM EMPIRE: Is there any significant difference between the urban music scene in Ivory Coast and Cameroon?

MUSEBA: There is a big difference ! Abidjan offers lot of events and platforms, TV shows every months in the music industry. They respect artists no matter where you come from and they are well organized (professionnal). I hope our Camerounian industry will take this example.

NEXDIM EMPIRE: Are you planning on any tour or concerts in Cameroon?

MUSEBA: No tour actually only showcase as we did for some Night Clubs in Douala and Yaounde cuz  I’m moving a lot and I’m working on new projects .But I wish to make it happen later.

NEXDIM EMPIRE: Is your beauty and charm an additional attraction to your music?

MUSEBA: I think yes. But it is just an additional one as you said , the art is definitly the basic one.

NEXDIM EMPIRE: Does it work positively for you?

MUSEBA: I will reply positive and negative because some people just think that after beauty an artist like Museba does not have a brain; so I’m showing that it’s not a general case!

NEXDIM EMPIRE: Can you consider yourself successful after releasing ‘bom bom bom’

MUSEBA: As a humble person, I will say that success is a long road of hard working, perseverance, courage and opportunities. So it’s the begining of a story, ‘Museba’s story’.

NEXDIM EMPIRE: What’s your plan after being applauded by millions of fans across Africa?

MUSEBA: I’m still working on new stuff and especially on my new single.
I have some performances out of Cameroun too.

NEXDIM EMPIRE: Who do you wanna work with in the future?

MUSEBA: I wish to work with every people who can inspire me. And there are lot of!

NEXDIM EMPIRE: How do you cope with fan hysteria or excitement?

MUSEBA: I’m just keeping cool,  a positive attitude with a big smile.

NEXDIM EMPIRE: What do you often do outta  music?

MUSEBA: Im networking, writing projects and traveling to create opportunities.

NEXDIM EMPIRE: Are you married?

MUSEBA: Not yet. I wish one day.

NEXDIM EMPIRE: What’s your favourite meal?

MUSEBA: Awww! I like African dishes like ‘Couscous GOMBO’ and I like grilled food.

NEXDIM EMPIRE: What’s the most embarrassing experience you’ve ever had in your career?

MUSEBA: Aww! I’ve  worked with some people in Cameroon who don’t understand that “time is money” and who weren’t honest and enough passionated about their business. But I think it was an experience which taught me lessons. Now it’s the past.

NEXDIM EMPIRE: What’s your best experience?

MUSEBA: My best experience has been performing from zone to zone and meeting new people .

NEXDIM EMPIRE: What’s your advice to up and coming artists?

MUSEBA: Work hard, create opportunities, stay humble and go where you are celebrated not tolerated.

NEXDIM EMPIRE: It was nice having you on impatiently await your new single.

MUSEBA: I’m very touched about your attention and I wish all the best to Nexdimempire ! Big love !



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The official launch party of NEXDIM’s 100% CAMEROON ENTERTAINMENT DVD has been scheduled to take place in August 2012 at Hotel Residence Carlos, Buea. NexDim,  as a front line Cameroonian entertainment promotion, marketing and TV content development agency shall be releasing a 100% CAMEROON ENTERTAINMENT DVD package which will have as content High definition interviews of Cameroonian celebrities in the spheres of music, fashion and cinema dubbed ”THE NEXDIM SHOW” , as well as top quality Cameroonian urban music videos by Dr Sley, Jovi, Steveslil, Adah, Xcellent,Rough Kumbaboy, Magasco, Dencia,Achalle,Damien Blue,MD Tha Rap Monsta etc. This first season shall be circulated FREE !! with a  focal objective to promote the entertainment industry through home viewing.

We shall therefore be honored to have your collaboration and presence at the event . The date shall be communicated as soon as possible. Special thanks to our partners Adrenaline Studios, SMK and the entire NEXDIM crew for working tirelessly to realize this project.

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Nexdim met up with Cameroon’s multi talented actor, script writer, film maker, writer at the African Bulletin  Kang Quintus Nang online and decided to do nothing other than using that wisely so our Nexdimers could be entertained with an exclusive one on one interview session to help discover our Kamer born stars anytime, anywhere. It is worthy of notice that Kang Quintus just grabbed a nomination in the Cameroon Entertainment Award for best actor in a leading role in the movie ‘Strength of Cha Cha’.

Let’s Ride!

Nexdim: Hello Quin

Quin: Hello Sarah

Nexdim: In some few words how would you describe yourself?

Quin: Well before that I must say you guys at Nexdim are doing a very great job. Back to myself now am a film maker, I produce and direct movies and act too most of the time. I studied in the University of Buea then I did an M.A programme in Development Policy – CERIS Brussels, an MBA in the University of Antwerp and presently am studying a PhD programme.

Nexdim: From which part of Cameroon do you hail?

Quin: I hail from the North West region precisely from Wum.

Nexdim: When and how did u start your career as a filmmaker?

Quin: I got involved in film making back in 2008 when I was contacted by a very good friend Enah Johnscott (now director of Triangle of Tears), who was shooting his then movie. I did script analysis for him and  gradually I developed the passion to contribute in a way towards the advancement of the Cameroon movie industry.

Nexdim: Tell about your stay back then in Cameroon.

Quin: I got my Advanced level certificate from GHS Wum and that same year got admitted into the University of Buea, I graduated from the University of Buea with a B.Sc Accounting in 2009 and upon graduation i got admitted to study a Masters in Development policy at CERIS Brussels, then I left Cameroon.

Nexdim: Some of your works please.

Quin: In 2008 I served as the script writer of  ‘The Mad Crown  produced and directed by Enah Johnscott and in 2010 I assisted in the production of  ‘Shades’ with Titus Banyuh. 2011 I was the lead role actor and producer of  ‘The Strength of Cha Cha’, directed by Enow Florence and released that same year. As I left Cameroon, I have been the Director and Executive Producer ofCritical Point’ shot with locations in Belgium and Holland and due to be premiered in Belgium, Germany, Holland, Cameroon, the UK and the USA,will be released in April 2012 and it features Samy Diko and Ghanaian actor Samuel Ruffy Quansah. I also lead roled in the movie “Confused Bachelors”, it is  produced and directed by Simon Timah, shot with locations in Holland and Belgium and its dued to be released in June 2012.

Nexdim: What can you say about movie making in Cameroon?
Quin:I think film makers in Cameroon are beginning to make huge and explosive blockbusters. The quality of our movies are fast closing up with the Ghanians/Nigerians and handful of our movie makers are now gaining recognition in the international scene. With this, I would say, our movie industry is waxing strong. However, I think we are still short of big producers who can put in millions and shoot award winning movies.Nexdim: If you’re to tell the world who inspires you the most as far as film making is concerned, who will that be and why?Quin: Denzel  Washington is my greatest source of inspiration. In Africa, Ghanaian actor John Dumelo is the man!….. Their acting is instinctive and I love the way they get into their characters.

Nexdim: Your best movie ever watched so far.
Quin:Prison Break!
Nexdim: What about this movie that makes it your best?Quin: It is a movie that keeps you stock on your seat…. when you start watching it, time flies without you noticing…..The end of an episode keeps your wanting for the next…. i love it!
Nexdim: What do you like eating most?
Quin: Fufu and Eru 🙂
Nexdim: That would be all thanks for your time.
Quin: You welcome, thanks for the interview and I must say you guys are doing a very wonderful job keep it up.


















i graduated with a M.A in Development Policy from CERIS in 2010 and got admitted for an MBA specialization in Accounting at the University of Antwerp Belgium that same year graduated at the University of Antwerp in september 2011, and gain admission into a PhD in accounting immidiately so i now study a PhD



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  Charles Mbuli Njengti a.k.a. DJ Sisqo – Mix  is a prominent entertainment figure based in the city of Kumba, Cameroon who is worked with almost all the top night clubs in the country.  From a family of 5 with 3 boys and 2 girls and  the third son, he hails from the Dungamatung division precisely from Nkambe. Also a  former secondary education  student of  motor mechanics in G.T.C. Kumba where he obtained his  CAP certificate and later went to automobile engineering department in the high school but unfortunately failed the Probatoire exams. He moved to Presbyterian Technical Center for the practical studies of automobile engineering, at this point he decided to  pick up a career as a deejay.

Nexdim: When did you start your career as a DJ?

DJ:  It all started back in my days of secondary education when I was a pop and break dancer, I used to be a mini Michael Jackson pop dancer back then. And while learning break dancing from Sisqo’s Unleash the Dragon album and Usher Raymond’s You Remind Me  in 2001, I was able to grasp the little I can from both of them bringing up my unique break dancing skills. In my school G.T.C. Kumba, I was always called upon to represent for evasion competitions, play back and school socials and I ended up getting so many praises from the audience as they kept telling me to keep it up. On this fateful day I was invited in CCAS Kumba by their social prefect to come and entertain with break dancing it was my first time of standing before a big crowd of about 500 people. Presented by the MC as Charles Mbuli the unbeatable break dancer I came out with my katreige cassette, by then CD, DVD and computer were not that common. The song was ‘Got to get it’ from Sisqo and when I started dancing the population was so amazed to see somebody doing break dancing live on stage, not on  TV as usual, it was really a great show. Round of applause followed and I was named Petit Sisqo and that’s how the name Sisqo came about.

Nexdim: Give us an insight of your journey

DJ: Due to the love  I have for music, listening to latest music and creating my own choreography, I came into contact with hip hop mega mix vol 1, 2 and 3 popular demands 2002, garalla 2003 raga mania and many others. I was so amazing with the exclusive mix collection and I always like the way the DJ manipulate on the mix machine so I asked God to make me become one someday. In 2005 I attended a show in SobaPark where I met Dirtsman who was on the mix machine using a computer system with BPM studio 4.2, he recognized me as a dancer. After declaring my interest in the job he started moulding me up with the little he could at that time as far as musical animation was concerned. I got myself into beats construction and recording receiving ideas from Slim-J and DJ West also known as West Don. When Dirts man left Soba Park, I was employed as the master DJ in 2008. I did my best and the name DJ Petit Sisqo was the key to success for showbiz in Kumba, I also did home recordz and demo beats which made the fans of hip hop in Kumba recognized me much more with great encouragement. On the 23 of December 2009 I was called to open a new night club known as Bao Night Club Mbonge Road Kumba. In 2010 I was employed to work in Blush Night Club which was the top and best club in Kumba. This is where I meet DJ Doul from New Life Night Club Douala (KOLADERA) and as the head of our department he taught me how to use a professional mix machine, the audio engineering, master mixing and DJ light mixing. For MC and animation, much inspiration came with the help of DJ Toxic, Serge Mamboh, Kitoko, and Sunny not leaving out Dirtsman. In 2011 I was employed to work in Jupiter Entertainment Complex Buea where I met DJ Dirtsman again and we were just like brothers from a different mother. I’d always give him that respect as my teacher.

NexDim: How do you find the deejay job in  Cameroon?

DJ: I find it quite impressive because they do respond to musical animation especially in the francophone zones.

NexDim: From your job nature it shows you are so much exposed to night clubs and music as a whole, how can you describe your love for music?

DJ: The love for music came to me since from child hood. I always love listening to music when I was small and dance with my elder brother who was a very good dancer of zaiko, ndombolo and kassave. This greatly helped me a lot cos it was like an inborn trait for me.

NexDim: How do you cope between your job and normal life?

DJ: It is not really easy because my activities are in the opposite form of human life I feel sleepy during the day and active during the night, but not all the time. This is one of the reasons which makes the job more difficult and, as a club DJ you must adapt to it, automatically, night becomes your day and day time becomes your night, if not you wouldn’t cope with the job and your life.

NexDim: How do you think the music industry inCameroon can be uplifted?

 DJ: The music industry can be uplifted if they stop the act of jealousy, stealing and copying of people’s talent, and the artist should be unique and united, this way the country grows and becomes more powerful in music.

Nexdim: What brand of music do you love most and who will you say is your favorite artist?

DJ: The brand of music that I love most is R n B and hip hop, for my favorite artist its no other but Sisqo (the dragon master)

Nexdim: Twas nice talking to you on

DJ: Thanks you welcome

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It’s often been said that the heart of the Cameroonian resides in a cold bottle of beer, preferably in front of a football match or occasionally on the dance floor of some bourgeois club, and no one knows this better than Street Jay, the self proclaimed king of njoka.
This fun loving, fiesta-friendly Cameroonian is young music artist from Kumbo, Banso and currently resides in Yaounde. His exposure to diverse cultural backgrounds has resulted in a proficiency in at least 3 of the 4 official languages of Kamer; English, Pidgin and Argot (Franc-Anglais), and no doubt forms a basis for his brand of music which is a mixture of Makossa and various types of western music like Reggae.
His peculiar music taste is certainly paying off as he has received quite a bit of attention on local media. The popular Cameroon Hip Hop Association acclaimed him second ‘artist of the week’, second only to BAAMS. He recently joined this association and once again made a statement with his video rated ‘the most viewed video of the week.’ His skills and significant influence was once again recognized by the prestigious 100% Jeune magazine which declared him the ‘TEEN CHOICE’ in the November 2010 edition, and called him ‘one of the most rapidly growing young artists in the country’ in reaction to the success one of his singles enjoyed on youtube.
In the wake of his public acclamation Street Jay has also proven to be a hard worker. He recently recorded a new track ‘Na You (take my Love away)’, a reggae love song with his two buddies Ox Demo and Karl B during a two week vacation to his homeland. He has also released a new album titled ‘Palava Njoka’. With 6 tracks of mix Njoka and a catchphrase reading “Leave your wahala everybody E go better”, the album ultimately encourages all to bury their problems and worries in the joys of the dance, or Njoka. He is currently working on a new album titled ‘Crazy Life’, and while spoilers aren’t available, we’ll be sure to keep you posted as developments unfold.
Street Jay describes himself as a youth advocate who fights for social and cultural recognition of youths in Kamer and Africa at large. This ‘Musical Moses’ says he is sent to “empower all youths and take them all to where they ought to be”. Judging from his style, there is no doubt that the ‘Promised Land’ he refers to is non other than the Dance floor, to the greatest delight of his ever increasing fans who have come to be known as the Njoka People. For free downloads further information on him and his various musical accomplishments, check out,, or join him on his personal website

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