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Charles Vumomse is an ace contemporary gospel singer whose inspiration and delivery soothes the souls of many across the world. His debut album produced by talented producer Slimbeatz is a masterpiece that deserves acclamation. The US based singer is currently planning to release the album in a few weeks. Nexdim caught up with him for an exclusive interview. Follow!


It’s pleasure to have you on Nexdim Empire. Tell us about the moment you decided to indulge in to gospel music.


Thank you so much for having me. I have heard a lot of gospel music out there which is a wonderful thing. But I realized that it is kinda hard to have a Christian party. We Christians make a lot of people shy away from our music because of its “religious rhythm” so I decided to do something different. Out of the box of “religious music”. My vision is to meet everyone and every generation.

Nexdim: What kind of Gospel music do you do?

Charles: I do contemporary Afro-beat Gospel with a twist.

Nexdim: What’s the misconception the society has about gospel artists. Any experiences?

Charles :
It is something that has been going on even from the time of King David in the Bible (when he danced and drew the attention of everyone and even God was moved). I don’t believe King David was just doing some kind of religious song or dance and drew that much attention. That is my mentality. Gospel Music must not be sorrowful to touch the heart of people and God most especially.

Nexdim: Tell us about your biggest musical influences. Any secular?

I may not listen keenly to the words Davido, P square, Don Jazzy, Wizkid, Yemi Alade, KCee, Tiwa Savage, Eddy Kenzo etc sing but I love the style and rhythm.

Nexdim : Great. Congratulations on your new album. Unveil the title and tell us what the album portrays.

Charles :
Thanks much. The title of the album is “RAKATA”. Every one wants to know what that means and it is my pleasure to explain. I had a lot of crazy stuff going in my life one time. It was like everything wrong was happening at the time. I was kind of down and felling like I was about to give up. All of a sudden I heard a voice in my mine reminding me of all the great and good things that God has done for me, out of no where I started “speaking in tongues” RAKA KAKA TA KA…….and started praising God. And before I knew it, I started singing the song Emma Rakata He has done it again.
I used the opportunity to tell God that “I may not be where I wanna be or where people think I should be, but I am happy I am not where I used to be.

Nexdim: We thank God for his enormous blessings. What’s your plan. Any album launch or tour dates in Cameroon?

Charles :
My management team is working on that. Marketing has already started in some parts of Cameroon. The official release and video premier (ft. D3dancers from London) red carpet event is in Southfield Michigan (USA) on the 29th of November 2014.

Nexdim :That’s amazing. are there any challenges you face as a Cameroonian gospel artist in USA.

Charles :
Absolutely, there will always be regardless. These are some of the comments we get, Oh my God! The music sounds wonderful, oh, this is new!” But, they do not understand everything I say because I chose not to go too far away from my roots. I sing in English and pidgin English. This makes me have to explain everything. Lol. It is kinda cool though. Nevertheless we have received a lot of great feedback from diverse communities.

Nexdim : It happens sometimes that you forget your lyrics whole performing. Has that happened to you? Lol

Yes sir. Lol. I have taught choreography in the past and love to dance during my performances. It is kinda hard to do both sometimes. Yes for sure that happens most of the time. Lol.

Nexdim : Which Cameroonian gospel artists do you plan to collaborate with.

Charles :
At this point none yet. But I will collaborate with any artist who is willing to step out of the box and also embrace my style. Also I am planning to work with non-gospel artists. In this album RAKATA, I collaborated with Ewube and Cyrus (non-gospel artist). I am very open.

Nexdim: What’s your fave Cameroonian meal?

Charles :
Hmmmmmm! Basically “anything” made delicious. Water fufu and Eru, fufu corn and njama njama, achu, burning fish, soya… I love good food. Lol

Nexdim : Lol. Your fave Cameroonian producer?

Charles :
Slimbeatz is the best.

Nexdim : What’s your advice to up and coming gospel artists?

Charles :
Be different and be led by the Spirit, don’t be confined.

Nexdim : How can we purchase your album?

77880304 in Cameroon and in the US it will mostly be online. In the US, they can also contact (248) 795-8495.

Nexdim : Thanks for your time and commitment. We are so elated to have you on our blog. Keep the fire burning and spread the light to the world with your divine inspiration

Charles :
I appreciate.

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nabil for real


Rapper Nabil is imprinting an indellible mark in the Hip Hop sphere across Europe . After rounding up his tour with Davido, he accorded an interview to Afroziky TV about his impending album titled ”Third world survivor” . Courtesy of

Have fun !


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Stanley Enow a.k.a Bayangi Boy is the most talked-about urban artist at the moment. Following the release of his street anthem ”Hein pere”, he has been getting enormous media attention. Here is an interview he accorded talking about his single ”Hein pere ” off the album ”soldier like my papa”. Courtesy of Ebene TV.

Enjoy !

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Kelly Blaise brandishing the AMAA

Kelly Blaise brandishing the AMAA

Young and energetic Kelly Blaise Achu (Kelly B) is increasingly fine-tuning his artistry as a professional photographer. Influenced by creative imagination, the Buea-resident prospective film-maker is quite optimistic about what he has weighty affection for. NexDim is concerned to know more about his career and prospects. Hope you enjoy this moment .

NEXDIM: Hello Kelly. It’s a pleasure to have you.

KELLY B: Thank You.

NEXDIM: Briefly introduce yourself.

KELLY B: I am Kelly Blaise Achu (Kelly B) ,a photographer and prospective movie producer based in Buea.

NEXDIM: When did you develop interest in photography?

KELLY B: You wouldn’t believe me. I actually developed interest in photography after viewing photographs taken by my mentor Em’kal.

 NEXDIM: A few years back we watched a couple of your videos as a rap artist. What was your drive to switch from music to photography or do you have any prospects in music?

KELLY B: As a rapper I wasn’t satisfied coz I didn’t express myself the way my photos do. I believe I can pass out a message easily through my photography.

NEXDIM: We had seen you affiliated to Chillen Muzic as music executive, later Fredash Modeling agency and finally freelancer. Why that navigation?

KELLY B: Well, while working with Chillen Muzic and Freddash Modeling Agency, I simply realized they had a different vision from what I had and it’s rigid to convince people to believe in your dreams rather than theirs. We still collaborate though.

Silhouette photo

NEXDIM: As a professional photographer, what are some of the ethics you cling to in your career?

KELLY B: The only ethic I know is staying professional and speaking the language other photographers speak.

NEXDIM: What makes you unparalleled in your field?

KELLY B: What makes me special is the fact that I try to create my own stories from the pictures I take. With the number of hits I get these days on social media, it means people are able to relate with my photos and stories.

NEXDIM: Is there a connotative approach you take into consideration in every shot. Does each shot tell a different story?

 KELLY B: Yes. I consider each shot a unique one coz they bring out the arts in the picture. 100 photographers can photograph the beach; however what makes yours special is the shots. So shots play an immense role in photography. They bring out the arts in a picture. Each shot tells a unique story. For instance close-ups indicate the deepest emotions of a subject.

NEXDIM: Which models have you been working with so far?

KELLY B: I’ve worked with a couple of models like Manka Nadine, Nunga Cynderilla, Afor Tumban, Ngrochap Asong, Juliet and so many others and they all did well. They are all very creative .They share ideas that beautify the picture.

NEXDIM: Who is your role model?

KELLY B: My role model is Emkal .

 NEXDIM: Your trip to Nigeria probably opened a great scope for you; tell us about your experience?


KELLY B: My trip to Nigeria I can say was a blessing as it opened so many other doors for me. I met other great heads in showbiz and we shared lovely ideas and the good news is Forbes Afrique contacted me to send them some of the photos. So many artist and designers are very interested in working wih me thanks to the respect given by AMAA awards.

NEXDIM: Which projects have you participated in so far?

 KELLY B: AMAA Awards, Number One Girl Reality TV show , House of triplets, ‘’Whispers’’ the movie, ‘’Blood or wine’’ movie premiere, Banyi Manuella design ; Heartbeat and the list goes on.

NEXDIM: What are some of the challenges you face in your career?

KELLY B: The main challenge I face is lack of sophisticated equipment and budget to carry out more challenging projects.

Model Afor Tumban

Model Afor Tumban

NEXDIM: Tell us your best and worst moments?

KELLY B: My best moment was taking photos at AMAA with the big guns of Nollywood like Richard Mofe, Rita Dominic, Zack Orji, Flavour and so many others. My worst moment are when clients don’t respect our contract terms. I won’t mention name. Ha ha !

NEXDIM: What is your plan for the future?

KELLY B: My plan is to open a gallery to exhibit some of the pictures I’ve been taking over the years. Secondly, to shoot my first film.

NEXDIM: What else do you do apart from photography?

KELLY B:  Apart from photography, I write film scripts, co-produce; I also do online promotion of Cameroon stuffs.

 NEXDIM: As a huge fan of music, which Cameroonian artists do you listen to?

 KELLY B: Well I have a couple of Cameroonian artist that I like ; Denzyl, Steveslil, Dr Sley, Damien Blue and Jovi.

NEXDIM: What is your fave sports?

KELLY B: Football

NEXDIM: Are you married?

KELLY B: Actually, I’m not married but in a relationship ….lol.

NEXDIM: What is your advice to up and coming photographers?

KELLY B: My advice to upcoming photographers is simple. Love what you do and be unique.

NEXDIM: It was nice having you on See you some other time.

KELLY B: Thanks Nexdim Empire. I appreciate the work you doing for the industry.  Nice chatting with you. I wish you many more years of hard work and endeavors.


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Cameroonian Afro-pop muso and incredible performer YA’A is making an emphatic and notable debut in the urban music industry with a brand new album dubbed ‘’SOS DJ’’. NexDim caught up with her for an exclusive interview about her career exploits, experiences, an in-depth focus on her album and her prospects.

 NEXDIM :  Hello. Nice to meet you. Briefly introduce yourself.

 YA’A : I am one cool crazy girl who just wants to have fun and make new music for entertainment. I’m more of an African than a Cameroonian.

 NEXDIM: How can you describe your genre of music?

 YA’A: Afro-pop; as it’s commonly known but I call it a ‘pop-up afro-pop’.

 NEXDIM: What profoundly inspired you to create this genre of music which sounds creatively unique?

 YA’A: I am first of all a unique and very special person. So I endeavor to create unique music as well.

 NEXDIM:  When did you develop interest to start writing your own lyrics?

 YA’A: I developed penchant for singing at a very tender and at the age of 4, as soon as I could read and write I started composing melodies. Because I had difficulties in interpretation I came to understood that to be a fully grown recognized artist you need a trade mark and brand of your own, a singing technique of your own and above all a personality. But now there is no creation from nothing. Listening to local and international trends of the moment, I came to realize there are still some areas in the musical arts that have remained untouched. So I just adopted the unexploited portion of today’s music and I am making it my trade mark as it is me.

 NEXDIM: Perusing an article on a sister blog about you, I discovered you equally have a strong academic background. Can we delve into that?

 YA’A: I think my educational background is not important for now but I did some studies in the field of performing arts and so don’t get surprised if I become a film director someday.

Let’s take a break and watch ”SOS DJ” video directed by NS Pictures. 

Enjoy !


 NEXDIM: Your new single ‘’SOS DJ’’ is getting unprecedented buzz on TV and radio. Throw light on the subject you express in this song.

 YA’A: SOS DJ is a three-year-old project of seven different versions.  A piece of art that united three quarter of Cameroonian best musicians from the sound engineer to the least guitarist. It’s a new way of visualizing African hip hop which I personally think can break boundaries. It’s a merge of so many genres that have been fused to steam up joy and happiness in the ears and eyes of music lovers. It’s a song that every Cameroonian should buy or download for his personal enjoyment of life.

 NEXDIM: What’s the message you preach out in your album?

 YA’A: The album ‘’SOS DJ’’ is all about love, respect and peace. I think these are the three things that if we keep and stick to, we can easily make this world a paradise. As for me they are the principles of Heaven. But ‘’SOS DJ’’ the song is a shout and cry from a casual point of view. It’s about a group of youths who are making a party with no DJ. The only girl in love with one DJ cries for help saying ‘’SOS DJ’’. But from a more literal and societal point of view, SOS DJ is simply a shout. Music today is a fiasco. Amateurs are allover giving the fact that this new technology enables anyone to do music and above all this tarnishes our cultural image. Real musicians have gone underground. I am crying out for help .Let the professionals come back on stage and make us dance again. It’s also biblical. My personal DJ is Jesus Christ. I think we need Him now more than ever.

 NEXDIM: You wow me indeed with your musical philosophy. What is your immediate plan after releasing this thrilling SOS DJ?

 YA’A: I want Cameroonians to savour the unique taste of my ‘’SOS DJ’’ mixed dish through promotion and right now I am in the studio recording some other tracks for the album. I am available for concerts and other musical platforms.

 NEXDIM: Who would you like to collaborate with in your next project?

 YA’A: Anyone who is out to make a worldwide unique hit.

 NEXDIM: What’s your impression about the burgeoning urban music industry in Cameroon?

 YA’A: It’s popping and I am glad that we are at the verge of a breakthrough. Let the world prepare, we are coming.

NEXDIM: What’s your advice to up and coming artists?

YA’A: Believe in YOU and never give up.

 NEXDIM: It was nice having you on nexdimempire.

 YA’A: Thanks NexDim for the great time, thanks to all those in support of this project and above all inchalla.

CONTACT: 70 89 40 77 or 75 15 36 92  

Facebook: YA’A ARTISTE


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Congolese rap star Youssoupha and ”Don 4 Kwat” hit-maker  Jovi who both have a common title and source ”Pitie” in their albums met in Douala on June 5. The meeting which was initiated by Patrick Ebongue and the P.E.P team took place during Youssoupha’s visit to Cameroon for a concert. 

Enjoy the images courtesy of Je Wanda.

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Photo: Museba pose....this is it


Afro-pop sensation and unmatch’d beauty  MUSEBA has treaded the urban path with footprints that cannot be effaced. She debuted with ”Nayo” off a 12-track-album titled ”One day”. With an electrifying song and impeccable video titled ”Bom bom bom” unveiled in 2012, she was just that unexpected torpedo that took Cameroon by storm. Her ineffable charisma , irresistible charm, mellow-voice has attracted the affection of millions of fans across Africa. Her name ”Museba” which means in Duala language  ”Trumpet” is a signal of her soul-searching brass notes , panache and flair she’s brought in the Cameroon  urban music industry. NexDim caught up with ‘every man’s dream girl friend” for an exclusive interview about her career exploits and prospects. Let’s delve into her humble life!

NEXDIM EMPIRE: Hello Museba. How are you doing?

MUSEBA: I’m good. Thank GOD !

NEXDIM EMPIRE: In brief, who is Museba?

MUSEBA: I’m just a young African lady who has a deep passion for music and other arts, I just wish to share it with the world all my life.

NEXDIM EMPIRE : So many people get confused about your origins. Can you please clarify the ambiguity?

MUSEBA: Yes ! lot of confusions. My Dad is Cameroonian, my mum is from DRC Congo and I was born in Abidjan.

NEXDIM EMPIRE: Did you ever nurse the thought that ‘bom bom bom’ could be successful?

MUSEBA: I was expecting it but I’m still looking for more success not only the positive one from ”Bom bom bom” but in a general view. So the best is coming soon !!

NEXDIM EMPIRE: What has been your experience after unveiling your single ‘bom bom bom’

MUSEBA: I got different and new experiences after ‘Bom bom bom’ about perfomances collabs around the world and I appreciate it.

NEXDIM EMPIRE: How was your expedition in Abidjan?

MUSEBA: Abidjan was crazy good ! I was born there and it’s always good to go back home and see my family. I got the opportunity to perform at Kim Kardashian’s Night in Abidjan and I’ ve done my next upcoming single there too with an Ivorian sound producer.

NEXDIM EMPIRE: Is there any significant difference between the urban music scene in Ivory Coast and Cameroon?

MUSEBA: There is a big difference ! Abidjan offers lot of events and platforms, TV shows every months in the music industry. They respect artists no matter where you come from and they are well organized (professionnal). I hope our Camerounian industry will take this example.

NEXDIM EMPIRE: Are you planning on any tour or concerts in Cameroon?

MUSEBA: No tour actually only showcase as we did for some Night Clubs in Douala and Yaounde cuz  I’m moving a lot and I’m working on new projects .But I wish to make it happen later.

NEXDIM EMPIRE: Is your beauty and charm an additional attraction to your music?

MUSEBA: I think yes. But it is just an additional one as you said , the art is definitly the basic one.

NEXDIM EMPIRE: Does it work positively for you?

MUSEBA: I will reply positive and negative because some people just think that after beauty an artist like Museba does not have a brain; so I’m showing that it’s not a general case!

NEXDIM EMPIRE: Can you consider yourself successful after releasing ‘bom bom bom’

MUSEBA: As a humble person, I will say that success is a long road of hard working, perseverance, courage and opportunities. So it’s the begining of a story, ‘Museba’s story’.

NEXDIM EMPIRE: What’s your plan after being applauded by millions of fans across Africa?

MUSEBA: I’m still working on new stuff and especially on my new single.
I have some performances out of Cameroun too.

NEXDIM EMPIRE: Who do you wanna work with in the future?

MUSEBA: I wish to work with every people who can inspire me. And there are lot of!

NEXDIM EMPIRE: How do you cope with fan hysteria or excitement?

MUSEBA: I’m just keeping cool,  a positive attitude with a big smile.

NEXDIM EMPIRE: What do you often do outta  music?

MUSEBA: Im networking, writing projects and traveling to create opportunities.

NEXDIM EMPIRE: Are you married?

MUSEBA: Not yet. I wish one day.

NEXDIM EMPIRE: What’s your favourite meal?

MUSEBA: Awww! I like African dishes like ‘Couscous GOMBO’ and I like grilled food.

NEXDIM EMPIRE: What’s the most embarrassing experience you’ve ever had in your career?

MUSEBA: Aww! I’ve  worked with some people in Cameroon who don’t understand that “time is money” and who weren’t honest and enough passionated about their business. But I think it was an experience which taught me lessons. Now it’s the past.

NEXDIM EMPIRE: What’s your best experience?

MUSEBA: My best experience has been performing from zone to zone and meeting new people .

NEXDIM EMPIRE: What’s your advice to up and coming artists?

MUSEBA: Work hard, create opportunities, stay humble and go where you are celebrated not tolerated.

NEXDIM EMPIRE: It was nice having you on impatiently await your new single.

MUSEBA: I’m very touched about your attention and I wish all the best to Nexdimempire ! Big love !



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Elegant and handsome Libota Macdonald has starred in movies like ‘Cluster’ and ‘Nexus’ produced by Musing Derrick. NexDim met with the popular Bamenda-based movie-star at Necla Hotel -Bamenda for an exclusive interview about his career and prospects.

NEXDIM: Hello Macdonald.

Libota : Hi NexDim

NEXDIM: Can you introduce yourself.

I’m Libota Macdonald, an actor, I live in Bamenda. I have been the movie industry for 4 years.

NEXDIM:When did you start and what has been your achievements in the movie industry?

Libota :My debut was in the movie titled ‘Bikata’ about 4 years ago . I am so proud of the fact that I was the first ever Cameroonian to be nominated for Best Upcoming Actor at the ZAFAA . I have had the opportunity to be part of projects in Burkina Faso. I also clinched a nomination at the AMAA in Nigeria.

NEXDIM:Why have you been absent from the movie scene?

Libota :I decided to pull back in a bid to learn more acting techniques from others with greater experience. I’ve been reading and doing a lot of online research to fine-tune my talent. Actually working hard to become the superstar am destined to be. I’ll bring a different personality.

NEXDIM: Who do you admire in the movie industry in Cameroon?

Libota :I admire Epule Jeffery , Lino Lovert, Yijika Solange and Queen .They are very talented.

NEXDIM:How can you rate the Cameroon Film industry?

Libota :I am a positive thinker despite the huddles we face in the industry. To me, we are at 45%. There’s a lot of work to be done . 

NEXDIM: What’s your plan for the future?

Libota :I want to be an actor the rest of my life and I love what I’m doing. I’ll be featuring in future movies in Cameroon .

NEXDIM: What’s your dress code?

Libota :Simple but stylish.

NEXDIM: What’s your impression about the music industry?

Libota :I think we are really doing fine but the major problem is that Cameroonians rather consume foreign music and fail to consume what belongs to them. Artists should also concert to bring out ideas on how the industry can forge ahead .What they need is robust promotion.

NEXDIM: Are you married?

Libota :I’m not married. I think marriage is not an achievement. It’s better to have children rather than being married. Anyway, let me not talk about that. 

NEXDIM: What’s your fave meal?

Libota :Garri and okro.

NEXDIM: It was nice having you.

Libota :Thanks and great job. Thanks for the opportunity.Thumps up and God bless you .Lemme go drink my beer please.


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NexDim caught up with young talented actress Ala Nadyn at Necla Hotel , Food Market-Bamenda for an exclusive interview .We delved into her acting career , as well as her personal life. She sounded extremely positive about the impending evolution of the film industry in Cameroon. She is married to another dexterous Bamenda-based movie star Ala Leo. They are the hottest celebrity couple we have in  the film industry in Camer.  Let’s go !

NEXDIM: Hello .Can you briefly introduce yourself

Ala Nadyn: I am Ala Nadyn, an actress based in Bamenda, North West Cameroon. I am

a student of Laureate Business College, I study business administration.

NEXDIM: When did you take that bold step to venture into acting as a career

Ala Nadyn: My debut was in 2008 when I starred in my first movie ‘’8 commandments’’ .

NEXDIM: What can you pride of as an actress? In essence what do you have in your repertoire?

Ala Nadyn: I have done some movies though not of high standard. For instance ‘’Necessary Crime’’by Njamsi Roland,  ‘’We live together ‘’ directed by Mr Ngwa in Douala etc. However my recent movie ‘’Who Am I ‘’ is certainly a blockbuster .The movie was directed by Deric Njimanju and produced by my husby Ala Leo, released in October 2012.

NEXDIM: How do you rate the entertainment industry especially the movie sector in Cameroon at this level ?

Ala Nadyn: Well, I think there has been a remarkable improvement compared to movies we did in 2008 when I debut.We have greater heights to go. It’s a gradual process .

NEXDIM: How can the greater heights be achieved .What’s the way forward?

Ala Nadyn: Just being myself. I believe God will see me through.

NEXDIM: Who do you look up to as an idol in the movie industry?

Ala Nadyn: Most of my friends always liken me to Omotala Jalade. So I look at myself like another ‘’Omo Sexy’’ in Cameroon.

NEXDIM: Gorgeous as you are, you may have a lot of eyes raining on you.. How do you combat the fact that many men want to have you as a girlfriend.

Ala Nadyn: Well, sorry to all those who wanna date me . I am a very closed person .Actually I am married.

Nadyn and husband Leo

NEXDIM: Gush! You get me blushing already. (Laughing out loud) . I had plans already. Anyways , it’s a great thing to get married. Have you started making kids?

Ala Nadyn: Not yet. My husband and I are working on something. You know he’s that busy type of person as well myself. He’s an actor .

NEXDIM: Oh !  like Beyonce and Jay Z in the industry. What’s your favourite meal?

Ala Nadyn: OMG! Achu and mbongo. I can die for.

NEXDIM: You have a huge taste of fashion. You like looking good and people appreciate your appearance. So what’s your dress code?

Ala Nadyn: Corporate and sexy. And my designer is your husband

NEXDIM: Are you a sucker for designing .Do you love fashion?

Ala Nadyn: Yea, I love fashion but I don’t go for designer clothes. My husband does all the design for me.He conceives it .

NEXDIM: When you are not rehearsing your scripts or on set, what do you do?

Ala Nadyn: When am not rehearsing or with a production crew, I am either in school studying or at home singing.I love singing and hope to venture into music.

NEXDIM: Do play the roles that entail kissing?

Ala Nadyn: Yea. I play those roles .It’s very normal. My husband doesn’t find anything wrong when I kiss in a movie. He’s into showbiz.

NEXDIM: What can you tell your fans?

 Ala Nadyn: Keep watching Cameroonian movies . I want to let them know 2013, will be an explosive year in the film industry in Cameroon. I will prove my worth. Keep your eyes on me.

NEXDIM: Do you visit often and what do you think can be an innovation .

Ala Nadyn: I visit all the time I go online. You guys are doing a great job. As an innovation, I think you should intensify your campaigns in meeting the people, for instance coming all the way from Buea to Bamenda to conduct this interview is a great stride. You should frequently .deploy your staffs to Bamenda to cover showbiz news.

NEXDIM: It’s was a pleasure having you.

Ala Nadyn: Thanks, I appreciate.

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