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The burgeoning urban music scene in Cameroon has witnessed a plethoric increase of record labels. MUMAK sold the dream which ignited a revolutionary movement. According to news relayed from Kamer Flow Magazine, Best music first lady Ewube is witnessing a down drift in her career.
In 2014, music junkies and friends Didiblaise, Slimbeatz and Nami Cyrus started Best Music Inc with a cream of immense talents like Mic Monsta and Ewube ,Tzy Panchak and Young Birdie.
Top-notch producer Slimbeatz brought in his protegee Ewube into Best Music in 2014.
Ewube’s debut single “Party All Nyte”, a spicy dancehall song produced by ace beat maker Slimbeatz was unbelievably phenomenal and created a massive impression This ushered her into the hall of reputable urban female artists in Cameroon.
With a beguiling voice, irresistible charm and stage charisma, delectable Ewube became highly coveted . She became highly sought-after for performances across Cameroon.

She electrified the stage during the launching of MTN EasyBooster in Limbe, performed alongside Stanley Enow and Mink’s during the MTN Campus Tour, Douala HipHop Festival and the University Games.
Her aura and overwhelming impact enabled her to clinch an endorsement deal as brand ambassador for Reaktor.
She had a brace nomination at the CAMEE AWARDS and the Urban Jamz Awards 2016 where her exceptional rendition of “Trowey” caught Stanley Enow’s attention. He couldn’t help but announce a future collaboration.
Ewube was the first female to be bestowed an award for highest MTN ZIK downloads.

According to rumours, Ewube’s career has always been scarred by disagreements over her video releases. Apart from in-house conflicting opinions over “Party All Nyte” video, the drawn-out delay of “Trowey” video release was due to the disagreement at the Best Music camp.
The label mates claimed the video was middling, substandard and hence not worthy to be released. Not impressed with the video, the strife between Ewube’s manager and the rest of the label mates was evidenced when he went ahead to release it without their consent. It took Best Music one full year to release the video for a much acclaimed song.
The public sensed a stale air when the video wasn’t shared on social media by the rest of the label members following its release.

The video however aired on Trace Africa, Boom TV, Canal 2 and other local channels in Cameroon. Seemingly, the hatchet hasn’t been buried since then between the Ewube’s manager Didiblaise and the rest of the camp.
Today, the once hopeful Best Music seems to be a phantasm as the key artists have signed to different labels. Mic Monsta moved to Kreef Entertainment, Nami Nami Cyrus was signed by Empire Company and Tzy Panchak clinched a deal with Blu Nation. The label is yet to utter any statement regarding Ewube’s future.
The much-admired prodigy has been inconsistent with her releases , quiet and unnoticed after the controversial “Trowey” video release.
It’s a pity how an incredible talent like Ewube hasn’t blown up. Can it be due to lack of investment or due to the
prolonged disagreement between the label mates and executives?
Like MUMAK, Best Music is ostensibly a crumbling record label, collapsing like a cardcastle.

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Smith Brown paved his way into spotlight when he designed a reception dress for GUINNESS CAMEROON which was very much approved. He later moved to Dubai where he is presently based and kept on with his clothing line.Very recently his design appeared on the American magazine called “Elegance Magazine” which is focused on promoting local designs from across the world. Go guys keep featuring Cameroon on the world map.






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Cameroonian Designer Kibonen Nfi

Cameroonian Designer Kibonen Nfi

Recently Oscar Award winner Lupita Nyong’o wore KibonenNY outfits on two the Ellen Degeneres show on Wednesday 22nd. Yesterday Monday 26th, she appeared on “Good Morning America” wearing another of our pieces all on her press tour promoting her new movie Queen of Katwe.


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Ngoma has released the visuals of his acclaimed trap tune “Sors de ce corps”. The video delves into his life of abject pernury to affluence. Ngoma’s blend of his dialect, French and pidgin gives a special appeal and originality.

Enjoy !

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Pyramids Ent. Afro-pop crooner Seta Beatz sparked off this year with “Oshey Baba”. Known for his thumping beats and sultry vocals, Seta has resurfaced with a melodious and up-tempo club jam titled “Bisse” featuring Kikoh. The song submerges you into a festive mood. This is great artistry.

Enjoy and share !


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The speedy rise and rise of urban music in Cameroon from 2010 witnessed the starting up of a plethora of record labels.

Albeit some were simple Facebook pages with virtual CEOs, others made an indelible impression .
2011/2012, MUMAK took the industry by storm introducing a cream of talented music powerhouses like Jovi , Magasco, Mr Elad and Reniss managed by Jules Nya.
Friends Jules Nya and Jovi were indispensable visionaries who turned creative imagination into concrete evidence.
“Don 4 kwat” released in 2011 was phenomenal, blazing a trail and igniting a new era.
The entire “H.I.V” Album by Jovi was a remarkable revolution in Cameroon. This ended the era of Krotal, Ak’sang Grave, etc.
The label was considerably propitious, sparking a beam of hope for the industry.

The new concept of branding , gorilla online /offline marketing and a different level of video making took the industry to another dimension. February 16th made the magic with his visuals.
The industry was shocked when
Jovi and Jules Nya announced they were parting ways in 2013 after thrilling Cameroonians with a sizzling music. The reason for their severing of ties remained unknown.
Jovi and old business partner/ artist Rachel Applewhite started New Bell Music . Their relationship started in India where Jovi went to study audio engineering.
Reniss, Jovi’s long-time protegee from Mambanda remained fidel to his boss and continued working with him.

Jovi later recruited Pascal, Shey, Tata and Tilla to join New Bell Music.
Jules Nya relocated to Douala and continued doing music business under MUMAK imprint. He moved to Douala with Mr Elad whom he brought into MUMAK charmed by his incredible singing and music producing ingenuity back in Kumba. Magasco was still under Jules Nya’s management.

Things became stale when the “Line loba” hitmaker Magasco on “Hello” CRTV presented a new manager, a certain Barrister and proceeded to shoot the video of “Kumba market” without the consent of his boss Jules Nya , the MUMAK label head. The video did not even carry any MUMAK tag.
Magasco was hasty and antsy to reach his goal which let him to release a video that was massively criticised to be mediocre , way below expectation. Magasco had a misunderstanding with Jules. Magasco caught the attention of many music investors following his impressive releases under MUMAK and collaboration with Jovi.
Magasco was later signed to Pit Bacardi’s label Empire Company after the label dropped X Maleya.
Mr Elad dropped a sizzling tune titled “Chakara” in 2013 and still under Jules’ management clinched a remix with Nigerian superstar Iyanya. The seemingly fruitful business relationship between the two later turned soar , Mr Elad disclosed to the public he was no longer working with Jules Nya. He seemed dissatisfied with his business relationship with Jules.
MUMAK, a house that inspired Cameroonian aspiring artists and gave them the dream became inhabited by one man Jules Nya.
2015, Tilla was later fired from New Bell Music by Jovi.


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STM Record’s Prolific music duo Fluri Boyz are back with a soul-searching and soothing R&B tune titled “Jamais vu“. The song produced by Abz features hugely acclaimed singer Locko. The song is a profound expression of affection. Listen to this solid rendition.

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Graceful 21-year-old Ayika Vennessa originates from Nso, North West region of Cameroon. She has a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Buea. Modeling became her passion when she turned 19.


She became an enlistee under the reputable modeling agency TeamKellyB where she has been pursuing her career. She loves singing, acting, cooking, smiling and posing.


Vennessa has nursed the dream of becoming a top Model in Africa and the world.


Her refined dark photogenic color smashing body figure will definitely take her to the pedestal of upper-level models in Cameroon.

(Photo Credit: Kelly B photography – 679731058)



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US based Franco Records protégé Vreezy Ville teamed up with Cameroon’s female rap diva Askia on this hit collabo titled “Shakiti-Dab”. Talking to fans in Maryland, Vreezy Ville told fans he is very excited about this track as it brings out another aspect of his lyrical power.

This track is actually a blend of African and western culture via their various music trends in which Shakiti is a song and dance created by Nigerian artist Olamide and Dab is an American dance currently trending all over the world. The song also has a little bit of hip- hop, jazz and reggae not forgetting the afrobeat in it which makes it unique in style and content. It is quite danceable and appealing to the ears. It is a rap song written and recorded by Vreezy Ville and it features Cameroon female rapper Askia. Track is produced by Big Joe and mastered by Salatiel.

Follow VILLE on twitter @VreezyVille237 and on Instagram @Vreezy_Ville.For Bookings contact: / +011-281-728-4374. @Vreezyville237     @Francorecordz

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Kreef signee Mic Monsta is fast establishing himself as the dopest lyricist from Cameroon. No gain saying, he caught the attention of Jovi and earned his endorsement.

The Kumba-raised rap prodigy after thrilling Africa with “Fear”, has churned out a melancholic and satirical tune titled “Kwata state of mind”. In this emotionally   profound opus, Mic Monsta delves into the theme of societal regression, hard knocks and the agony redolent of the streets.

The video, creatively directed by Dr Nkeng Stephens depicts a story of a child who wallows in pernury yet pessimistic . The video is breath-taking.

Enjoy !

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