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Cape Town based Cameroonian hip hop sensation Hamza-Habibi was a ”Blast beat Battle of the Bands” winner. This enabled him to be flown all the way to Ireland for an opportunity of a lifetime. He took a break in order to grapple with school. Now he is  back!. He’s done most of his recent recordings with Cape Town’s finest DJ and producer Leo Large and collaborated with another Cameroonian rapper Limo on the hit ”Put ya swag on”.

Habibi during ''put ya swag on'' video shoot



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1 Cotonsport 19 46 +24
2 Panthère 19 33 +8
3 Astres 19 32 +8
4 Tiko 19 32 +3
5 Unisport 19 29 +3
6 YOSA 19 24 +4
7 Canon 19 24 0
8 Sable 19 24 -8
9 Fovu 19 22 -3
10 Ngdéré 19 21 -4
11 Union 19 20 -5
12 Renaissance 19 20 -12
13 Matelots 19 19 -5
14 Roumdé 19 14 -13

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The Cameroonian defensive midfielder,Stephane Mbia grabbed the French cup with his team Olympique Marseille on Saturday night after beating Bordeaux by 3 goals to 1.The player who received enormous attention by TV reporters was Mbia .He was  impeccable and phenomenal at the defense.

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Andy Allo:singer,model,dancer,actress

Andy Allo:singer,model,dancer,actress

22 years old Andy Allo is a US-based Cameroonian song-writer,singer,model,dancer and actress who has been making prominent strides  in the business.Influenced by soulful artists like Erykah Badu,D’Angelo,Floetry,Lauryn Hill,Jill Scott,Dolly Parton and India Arie,Andy Allo has been  able to create her own style of profound lyrics and melodies.She categorizes her genre of music as ”Alternative Soul,Hip Hop,alternative Folk and House”

She and her band have performed at Harlow’s in Sacramento,USA,the independent in San Francisco, Whisky A Go-Go in Los Angeles ,California State Fair and for Live TV on Good Day Sacramento.Her music is enjoying massive airplay on radio across USA and UK.

Andy Allo independently released her debut album ”Unfresh” in September 2009 which was written,co-produced and self-financed.



Track Listing

1.Fly away w/the tones

2.Come back to me

3.Down to Roll

4.I want Love


6.Unfresh w/Flave


8.Dreamland w/Blu

9.Knew you at all



12.Outro-Thank you

Buy here:

Here is her brand new video produced by Lucky Dragon Production”Hooked’‘ from her album dubbed ”Unfresh”


Hooked By Andy Allo


NexDim wishes you the best in your career!!

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Kirette Couture never brings less than the best.They were official stylists for top Nigerian artists JJC, and Smokey’s brand new video ”Gegi Lale”

-Kirette Couture  shall also be showcasing at the African Economic Forum at Columbia University.Follow this link to get your TICKETS.

JJC feat. Smokey ”Gegi Lale”

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Y.A Squad presents ''Da Revival''

Y.A Squad presents ''Da Revival''


Venue:Amphi 250,University of Buea

Date:Sunday 28th March 2010

Price:300 frs

Time:6pm prompt

Featuring:Loni & Louis,GP,C-Zone,Street Dancers

”Taking Ova Da World”

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”Zaminamina eh eh waka waka eh eh

Zaminamina Zangalewa

Anawam ah ah”

Any Cameroonian who listens to this song by the group ”Zangalewa” will certainly have a patriotic feeling of nostalgia sweep across his or her mind.I personally did a choreography of this song when i was a kid and it was on my lips daily.The song has been one of the most popular songs ever in Africa.

This famous Cameroonian tune, has been re-sampled by Latin American superstar  Shakira as the World Cup song for South Africa 2010.

Has she bought the copyrights? or is she just ignoring the fact that it was sung by one insignificant group from Africa?Well, ”we no know”

The original version of the song by the group ZANGALEWA

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Nexdim:Hey,how are you doing?

Galaxy J One:’Oh boy i dey fine oh”

Nexdim:We have been hyping the Cameroon Hip Hop Festival on this platform.How was this concept nursed?

Galaxy J One: ”We got inspired from the fact that the Cameroon Hip Hop industry was not properly represented.So we took the responsibility to shine our light through the Mama Street Credibility Networks on Cameroon’s world class Hip hop talents and world performers”.

Nexdim:When did you initiate this concept?

Galaxy J One:”It’s been a burning desire  for about 3 years now.Finally the opportunity came knocking at the door of my heart.I could not ignore the swagger and zeal i saw in my fellow Cameroonian MCs”.

Nexdim:We learned of the show and we’ve been hyping the show on this platform.How did it go?

Galaxy J One:I can say it was a great success despite the heavy downpour.Thank God.We succeeded as far as the objective part of it is concerned which was to bring Cameroon’s best talents (like Zionside, Steveslil,Witty Minstrel,Big Mich,just to name a few) together to perform on a same stage including street dancing crews all over the country.The reaction from the inquisitive crowd was so uplifting.This was the first day of Cameroonian Hip hop.The second the will be ”thunder”  i promise”.

Nexdim:Rumours have it that the show was jeopardised by some guys.Can you tell us about that and mention names?

Galaxy J One:”Yes of course.You know in this industry we always have ”bad belle people”.The goal of this unique festival was to unite but some jealous fellows made it their duty to constantly frustrate the project with strife,calumny and sedition forgetting that ”who Jah bless no one can curse’‘.I treat my distractors  like my ailing children.Kiss them,hug them even when they point guns and throw stones at me”.

Nexdim:You mean you did not use your muscles?lol.Because taking a look at your album cover you look like a wrestler.

Galaxy J One:”My physical demeanour is to attract beautiful girls.Thank God i have succeeded in that.(he screams ”mama street”) .Fighting?? naaaa,naa ,naaa.I just can’t go so low”

Nexdim:Why do you  kiss and hug your distractors rather than challenge them?

Galaxy J One:”most definitely coz i liken my project to a glass house,as a God fearing showbizz entrepreneur,my war weapons are rather loving and tender”.

Nexdim:Can you give us some names?

Galaxy J One:The main stirrer was no other than  Mabel of BAAM and some other stake holders i will not like to mention here.

Mabel of BAAM

Mabel of BAAM

Nexdim: What did she do?

Galaxy J One:”She distracted not only the media but a host of internationally recognized artists who were supposed to perform at this event.Wasting her airtime credit .Little does she know that i am the one God chose.So the whole Cameroonian Hip hop industry is blessed through me.My name is Galaxy J One” I possess a God-given aura( i don’t make love to girls anyhow).So when i talk everybody listens.That’s what is  street credibility is all about”.

Nexdim:Of course.We acknowledge your  charismatic personality.

Nexdim:We also learned some corporate companies gave a hand to this project,how did that happened ?

Galaxy J One:”It’s not too late for corporate Cameroonian companies to start believing and investing in our urban culture.Mama Street Credibility is so grateful to BICEC Bank Cameroon for believing and sponsoring the festival.I must testify this delightful act added color to the event”.

Nexdim:Was that an opportunity for them to do big time publicity to the youthful and determined crowd ?

Galaxy J One:”Of  course.Talking to 10.000 people at a blow about a wide range of their offers and products is no small business.You know when you have the youths,you have the people”.

Nexdim:So Mr.Galaxy.What’s next on your agenda?

Galaxy J One:”By the end of this year,Mama Street Credibility Networks will present the first edition of the Cameroon Hip Hop Awards 2010.I will like to seize this opportunity to invite stake-holders,the government,urban musicians  to be a part of this historic event.N’Shala ‘God willing” am still in Cameroon coz i’ll be touring around Africa with MSC this year”.

Nexdim:What is your relationship with other event organisers around Cameroon?I know of Mosaique,Sprite,Couleurs Urbaine,CY Entertainment etc.

Galaxy J One:”I got my experience working with most of these establishments you just mentioned.So i know their strengths  and weaknesses.That’s why i came with Mama Street Credibility to contribute something new and different to what they have already succeeded in building.Long live the Cameroonian urban culture”

Nexdim:We’ll like to hear you talk about your Show ”Mama Street Credibility” sometime soon.That could be inspiring to Cameroonians.Thanks for having you on

Galaxy J One:You are welcome.The pleasure is sincerely mine.

Contact Galaxy:

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Cameroonian writer,Aunty Pat

Nexdim:Hi Aunty Pat.

Aunty Pat:”Hello”.
Nexdim:Can you introduce yourself to us?

Aunty Pat:I am Pat T. Nkweteyim, fondly called Aunty Pat.  I am a literary artist.  I write and direct plays, and equally act”.

Nexdim:When did you indulge in creative writing?

Aunty Pat: ”In 1990 when I was doing the Maîtrise Professionelle in Theatre Arts at the University of Yaounde.  I was expected to produce a play in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of this diploma.  I took the challenge to write and direct my own play rather than go for some other authors”.

Nexdim:What are the works you have so far in the market?

Aunty Pat:So far, there’s only one drama text, ”Nkuma”, which I have on the market.  A second, ”The Family” will be out soon”.

Nexdim: What’s your impression about the Cameroonian creative writing market?

Aunty Pat: In Cameroon, there is almost no market.  Cameroonians read very little and as such, don’t buy books.  The few books that get sold are mostly those on school curricula. Even then, the writers or publishers don’t get as much as they ought to because some dishonest persons get the books pirated and sell them cheaper than the original editions”.

Nexdim: What is  your source of inspiration ?

Aunty Pat: My inspiration!  From the society.  I am inspired by the happenings in the society.  Especially those that affect women, children and the youths”.

Nexdim: Who is your best writer and why do you admire his or her work?

Aunty Pat: I don’t have any favourites.  I love any good book with a well crafted story.

Nexdim:” Cameroonians do not have the culture of reading. What are the efforts made to encourage them to adopt the tradition?

Aunty Pat: ”I don’t know of any collective effort that is being made in this direction.  But in some Primary Schools Literature is in the curriculum.  This, I hope, helps to instil the reading culture in our young ones.  In my school, we have what we call the ‘basket library’ for Forms One and Two as well as the Sixième and Cinquième students.  These are books which we assign them to read whenever there is a free period on their timetables.  By this, we hope they will grow up with the love to read”.

Nexdim: We learned you once ventured into music. Tell us about that.

Aunty Pat: ‘I coordinate a young people’s group called BUKITA (Buea Kiddies Theatre Alliance).  My idea is to project the arts through them.  They have acted a few plays and have one music album, Sing to the Lord, on the market”.

Nexdim: As a writer are you also interested in script writing and movie production?

Aunty Pat: ”SURE.  In fact, ”Nkuma”, the lone play I have on the market started as a film script.  I also took part in its production as an actress”.

''Nkuma''-Female genital mutilation

''Nkuma''-Female genital mutilation

Nexdim:What are your future projects?

Aunty Pat: I plan to get my writings out of the closet.  I also hope to get fully into the film industry and leave my footprints”.

Nexdim: Apart from writing , what other activities do you do?

Aunty Pat: ”I am a trained teacher of English Language and Literature.  Presently, I am Vice principal at GBHS Limbe and Part-time teacher of English and Drama and Theatre Arts at the University of Buea.  I am also an ardent Christian”.

Nexdim: What is you favorite genre of music?

Aunty Pat:Gospel”.

Nexdim: What is your favourite food?

Aunty Pat:I love any food that is well cooked however cheap it may be.  But I’m afraid I will hardly resist fresh fish stew with half-ripe plantains”.

Nexdim:Your last word to the Cameroonian public.

Aunty Pat: ”I wish to let the public understand that art is good.  It edifies and educates and can be used as a weapon of change.  I’m equally encouraging them, especially the young, to get interested in reading and also to consume the works of Cameroonian artists”.

Nexdim:It’s our pleasure having you on

Aunty Pat:The greater pleasure is mine”.


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