March 4, 2024

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Zachary and Spaco : Taking Cameroonian comedy to greater heights

Cameroon has always been renown for producing  prolific comedians like Jean Miche Kankan, Tchop Tchop , Man no lap, Fingon Tralala, Tagne, Oga, Eza Boto etc . Zachary and Spaco are equally Cameroonian comedians based in Kumba who are making frantic efforts to add value to the comedy industry. Their comedy has enabled them establish themselves as one of Cameroon’s finest entertainers having several CD releases to their credit. The duo just dropped a single titled ”Helele” and a comedy episode titled ”Primary school days”  . Makossa artist, Frank Bebe features as School teacher in ”Primary school days”. NexDim shall bring to you an exclusive interview with Zachary and Spaco in the days ahead.

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Below, is the  trailer of  their brand new CD titled ”IDIOT”.