July 19, 2024

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Karnatox a.k.a Le Dinosaur is a Douala based rap sensation who emerged into the Cameroonian Hip Hop scene with ”Toche” . He started writing his lyrics and rhymes in Deido working with artists like Kris La Flam, Njapan, and BX le phoenix. ”Toche” is a word he copied from Hoga ,the comedian. Karnatox had the conviction that he could create a blend that can be able to impact people like coupe decale.This influenced him to create the ”Toche” dance. His album has the participation of artists like  Boudor, 20CENT, Kris La Flam, Black  X, A-K-O, Pamela,Franky P and  Jay-N.

Karnatox has rapidly become a great MC in Douala highly solicited for collaboration by other Hip Hop artists.

To listen to ”Toche” and other tunes, follow this link