July 25, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

Z – Lex : Cameroon's serial hitmaker

The Cameroonian urban music scene is on the runway, set for take – off. One of those who can rightly be considered to be a force behind this rebirth is Z -Lex. The singer/producer is blazing the trail like few if not no other before him. Least recent hits like Duc – Z 's “Je ne donne pas le lait” bear his hallmark, current ones like Steveslil's “Ebangha” are embroidered with his voice and technical input. At this pace even those to come will not be spared his magic touch. He is currently concocting a track for Cameroonian hip-hop heavyweight Krotal. The song will be unveiled during the upcoming Annual Show in Douala. Even before the final track is released, we can only imagine that it is going to be another screamer like “Ossey” or the recently – released freestyle track featured below. Since this guy is a chef when music is concerned, we can only wish you “bon appetit”. Big up to Cameroonian talent. Right after the freestyle track is “Ossey” and Ebangha, all for your enjoyment.