May 19, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

XKluZiV: Da BofZi ft Wilkan – Eye me (Official Video)

BMG-signed rapper BofZi is creating a superlative impression  with his music. The long-awaited and much-talked about video of his maiden single ''Eye me'' has been released. The video is considered by many pundits as lavish and a mere bid to meet up with the jonesses. Nevertheless, we can decipher his stride to get his music video unrivalled by getting a private jet , hiring an airstrip and working with a seasoned video producer like February 16th who deserves an accolade for his dexterity and prowess . ''Eye me'' has that catchy and show-stopping hook I can't forget. The song is an extract from his forthcoming album “>''Let there be light''. Take note the artist's name is pronounced ''DA B-OF-ZI''. 

Enjoy !