May 23, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

Winenus – ‘How Can You’

Hey Nexdimers, we had the chance to meet Cameroon’s Buea based artist from the US  who has taken upon himself to familiarize abroad before home by doing his thing  with foreign based producers and artists, Winenus. With reggae dancehall tracks like ‘Black and White’, ‘Now I Know’ which co-starred US and Columbian artists,  rhythm and blues ‘How Can You’  shot in Lagos, Nigeria last year actually has a remixed version with Miami, U.S. based producer Johnny Praize who also produced the song under Rice and Beats Productions.

Presently in the studios on another hit single dubbed ‘My Way’, an electro techno beats with  pure mixture of  Cameroonian and Italian cultures, Winenus just as his name depicts is cooking more wine for all his fans.

How Can U not enjoy this ???