May 25, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

VIDEO: Jerry Cleo ft B.O.B.I.S – Simple Question (Remix)

Runners-up of  Mutzig Star 2009 and renown pianist, Jerry Cleo just dropped his debut album ”Simple Question’‘. He conveys strong messages in his songs. This is a remix of  ”Simple Question” featuring B.O.B.I.S. I’m particularly interested in his flawless blend of pidgin English, local dialect and French in this song. The original version of the song has a slower tempo and beat frequency. The video was produced by B.O.B productions.

You might be interested in grabbing the album . Just contact:

Email: or follow his interview on NexDim.

”When you be na mbambe o, when you be na patron o, anything you get, take am so, na God e plan”