May 30, 2024

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The purported severance of ties between Gasha and Stevens Music Entertainment has been fueling heated debates across social media and blogosphere. Recently Gasha released Faya di burn as an independent artist albeit signed to a record label. A post erupted from a sister blog concerning the issue which sparked a wave of controversy: However, the label has come out to clear the putrid air through an official declaration copied from their site . It reads:

May 2nd 2014. We are aware of discussions within social media of the issues between Gasha and her partners at Stevens Music Entertainment (SME). We have up until this point steered clear of responding to the various rumors in the hope that Gasha and SME can resolve their issue amicably and privately.

However a recent post on Gasha’s official FB page is prompting this statement of clarification.
  1. Gah-Ndo “Gasha” Ashuembom Amabo known per agreement as the Artist, is still signed to Stevens Music Entertainment (SME) known as Company per agreement. The duration of said contract is being withheld per agreements on confidentiality.
  2. It is a fact that Gasha would like to terminate her contract with SME.
  3. It is also well documented that SME acknowledges this request and has asked Gasha to follow due process to ensure a legally binding separation.
  4. It is also a fact that to this end, SME has presented Gasha with Terms of Separation of Partnership.
  5. It is also a fact that no final terms of separation have been reached between Gasha and SME.
  6. Consequently, it is a fact that Gasha has not met with or signed any separation documents or arrived at any agreement with SME for a “Clean Breakup”. If indeed such a document exists, in all fairness we invite Gasha to produce such a document or name the SME signees to such an agreement.
  7. Gasha is aware (as recently as wednesday April 14th 2014 when she last communicated with SME Rep) that SME is open to discussing separation terms that is mutually beneficial to both parties.
  8. SME will not release terms of the agreement with Gasha and will not get involved in “chit-chat” and rumor mongering on social media.
  9. We at SME believe that contracts are legally binding documents and if the need should arise and the contract needs to come to an early end (like in this case), then the only legal way to end such a contract is the signing of another agreement to end the initial agreement (with each party’s interest at the core of said document).
  10. We believe fervently that cooler heads will prevail and continue to hope that Gasha will entertain dialogue to resolving this issue. The goal being, to reach terms that are mutually beneficial to SME and Gasha.
 We will not be releasing any further statements until such a point where we can put out a joint statement announcing  that Gasha and SME have agreed to terms of separation. We look forward to that day soonest and believe agreeing to separation terms is the fair and just approach.
Here is wishing the best for Gasha and for SME.
SME Management Group.