December 4, 2023

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Talents and Entertainment – Ringers Magazine









Released December last year 2011, Ringers Magazine is a much more talented forum which aims at dishing out to the entire population of Cameroon, Africa and the world at large all what Cameroon’s made of. It is out to give recognition to those Cameroonians who are making a landmark difference in redefining and structuring the showbiz and entertainment industry in Cameroon,and also bridging that gap between such talents, the executors and the various publics in our country.

Having Binam Studio’s young producer and director Achille Brice on the cover of its premium edition plus Mnet production Tinsel cast on the center fold, sure thing Ringers Magazine will redefine Kamer’s entertainment industry if its birth could showcase such bold and beautiful faces of Africa. always brings you closer to all you can ever imagine, watch out for more on Ringers as we’d be bringing to you an indepth and more personal issues with regards to this awesome Cameroonian African  Magazine.

Stay glued!!!