May 23, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House


steCameroonian Afro-beat ,R n B crooner Steveslil a.k.a Ngutiboy in the building is back in studio to continue the recording of his debut LP.Talking to Nexdim Empire,Steveslil discloses ” what i have released so far is not an album as many people conceive but just singles like ”play my tambourine”,i can” and ”suzzy”.He promised that the album will  cut across all minds in the world and enormous energy invested.Most of the songs in the album are written,arranged and produced by himself ,Ama in UK and will have some  interesting featuring  from Big Flo,US based rapper,Cleffy of Heptik Records and Sona the Voice .This album will be released sometime early 2010 under Nexdim in collaboration with Intercession Records USA-Cameroon.