October 1, 2023

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Shakira lies ”Waka Waka” was composed by her.

Shakira talks about her World Cup Song 'Waka Waka' this morning - July 10, 2010The Columbian singer , SHAKIRA who just became a superstar during the World Cup with the Cameroonian copied hit ”Waka, waka” blatantly lied during a Press Conference the song was composed by her.

We all know that the song ”waka waka” was copied from the 1980s Cameroonian hit ‘Zangalewa” by the group, Golden Sounds .

She says ”waka waka” signifies a lot to her. One day she was on holidays, while she was going home, she just got inspired with the lyrics, the music. She arrived home and sat down with a microphone and recorded the first few lines of the song alongside her guitar.

Thats how the song came about and finally became the official song chosen for the FIFA World Cup 2010.

Chai!! Shakira.Who teach you lie??