April 25, 2024

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When I stumbled on Seta Beatz’s new musical collaboration with Cleo GRAE “Hustle & Pray” , I was so delighted. His values as an artist have always been outstanding.

I’d been following up his awe-inspiring humanitarian activities and marvelled by his dedication to putting smiles in the faces of the needy. What piqued my attention and curiosity was when I saw photos of him clad in painters clothing, spattered with multi-hued paint. He was radiantly smiling significant of hope and cheerfulness.

The building he was bristling his painting brush across looked old, uncompleted with a dilapidated roof. The external brick walls were not plastered but green paint refurbished the look. The photos evidenced a man who was trying to give a facelift to the building for kids to have access to education. Yea, it’s the Children’s Learning Corner .

Seta Beatz is not just an artist but an altruistic personality with unswerving love for humanity. He does music that distinctly represents the values he stands for; using it as a tool to convey messages of hope to the underprivileged. His actions speak louder.

Under his humanitarian organization, Withgodep Foundation, his exploits have been staggering.

Since 2009, Seta Beatz has been running a children’s home; providing shelter, free healthcare, feeding, clothing and education to over 100 orphans and vulnerable children. His humanitarianism has yielded enormous success as some of the first badge of children are now doctors, nurses and some sent abroad for further studies under his scholarship scheme.

For two years now, Seta Beatz has also been running a children’s learning corner in his community in the North West region, which offers free education to 150 children. It comprises a nursery and primary school with a staff strength of 8, on a monthly payroll.

Interviewed by NexDim, Seta Beatz disclosed, he has two massive dreams;

To build a school that will offer free education and better learning opportunities to orphans and vulnerable children. He is committed to using all the proceeds from his music to realize his dream.

“I am focused on doing music, not just to be famous but purposely to use it as a source of revenue to realize these projects” – He said

He also has a big plan for his community; to build a hospital that will offer free healthcare to children from 0 to 10 years old and free delivery for pregnant women.

“We are going to be offering professional and quality medical services to the people. I shall be having medics coming from Germany to volunteer there yearly. ” – He told NexDim correspondent.

Seta Beatz epitomizes a charitable artist with sterling values.