May 23, 2024

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Senior Decca to celebrate 30 year career

Makossa veteran Ben Decca is set to mark his 30 year – romance with music. This will be done through a concert on October 06, 2012 in Nanterre, France. As the eldest of the Decca clan, the three others being Grace, Dora and Isaac, Ben has been a consistent and true advocate of  good Makossa. He proved this again recently

when he released a track titled ” Makossa phoenix” in which sound-wise and lyrically he showed his devotion to the authentic Makossa that has been so lacking in recent years on the Cameroonian music scene. Despite all the accolades and plaudits the artist has garnered over the years, it is regrettable that this 30th anniversary celebration will be held abroad, and not in Cameroon the homeland of the Makossa he so proudly and strongly advocates. That said, more grease to his vocal cords as he will need it to explore his rich repertoire come October 6.