July 21, 2024

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Selection of Cameroon’s 50th anniversary logo marred by a scandal

Golden Jubilee Logo

The Cameroonian government organised a competition for the design of the emblem of the 50th anniversary celebrating Cameroon’s independence.This competition has been marred by a scandal.

The logo which was officially declared third in the competition has been retained as the official emblem of the golden jubilee. A 23-years-old Anglophone, John Shaddai Akenji of Bright Arts Gallery, produced the logo which will appear on all official documents concerning the anniversary celebrations.

But while Akenji may have the satisfaction of seeing his work retained, it is two other Francophone participants in the competition who laughed all the way to the bank. Noel Akono Avebe scooped FCFA 5 million after he was declared overall winner of the competition while Niguen Guea, the runner-up, received a cash prize of FCFA 2 million. Akenji, whose entry is now the official emblem of the independence commemoration, was rewarded with FCFA 1 million.