April 25, 2024

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SAMUEL ETO’O’s stolen Bentley GT63 recovered by police.

Hungarian police on Wednesday, last week recovered Eto’o‘s luxurious Bentley GT63 at the boundary between Hungary and Serbia. According to our sources, the vehicle was stolen in March this year.

It was during a passport control, police officers noted that the official matriculation plate of the vehicle was fake and the car had forged tax stickers . After reviewing the serial number of the car, the police  discovered that the Italian police were in search of the vehicle , “said a police Hungarian.

The Bentley GT63, valued at more than 150,000 euros was stolen March 19 in the parking lot of Sheraton hotel in Milan’s Porta Venezia District.

The Ukrainian driver, who claimed he did know the car was stolen and was taking it to Greece for a Polish woman he was working for, was arrested, while his companion was allowed to go after questioning, the police spokesman said.