July 13, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

Sally Nyolo-More world then ever

Much like Beko Sadey  ,world music legend Sally Nyolo  has taken Asian-Cameroonian relations to another level by assisting another Asian artist explore Cameroon’s rich musical heritage. This time around, the music heavyweight has produced  a Japanese singer called Anyango and Tei molo is the title of the deeply-Cameroonian album. Cameroon’s  omnipresence in the album is undeniable given that most of the songs are sung in Eton, a dialect from the Centre region of the country, and the mvet,a traditional guitar from the same area provides the basis for most of the compositions. This is the second time a Cameroonian artist is teaming up with an Asian artist. The fist collaboration of this kind was in 2000 when one of Cameroon’s music divas, Beko Sadey, worked with Lui de Kamer, a chinese. This culminated in the release of Lui de Kamer’s makossa album in 2005 ,with  one hit “Munyengue” sung in Duala