April 25, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

Introducing Rough Kumbaboy: King of Bendskin rap

Despite the crowd one finds on the music scene, some artists just have something unique that makes people pay attention. One of such unique artists is Rough Kumbaboy a.k.a BabyAfrica.  Born in Kumba – Cameroon July 1986, he  travelled to the U.K In October 1999 where he was immediately drawn to  Grime music -a musical  genre  that started in London. After a few years, Rough Kumbaboy joined a group called J.P.S consisting of himself and two Nigerians. Together ,they recorded an album titled HOME & AWAY in 2008.  In 2009, they were nominated as best group during the annual Young Achievers’ Award held  in the U.K. In 2010, the group split  and Rough Kumbaboy went  solo; recording a couple of unreleased rap songs. With his talent and musical vision, he has  come up with a special musical offering known as Bendskin rap. It has resonated deeply with Cameroonians and Africans in general and this has enabled the artist  to be invited to perform live in events held all over Europe and in Cameroon. Rough Kumbaboy was nominated in the best rap and best originality category during the CUMA awards held in Cameroon. Rough Kumbaboy will be performing live in Belgium on the May 20th in an event organised by the Cameroonian community in Brussels. With such a rich and exciting journey, what more can one say?  Music is one talent and genre richer. Enjoy the bendskin rap below as irresponsibly as possible.