December 2, 2023

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

Ragamufians – COCOBIYAKO

Hey people, remember we featured a couple of songs recorded at Trackzone Records in Buea some time last month. Recently , artists under the label hooked up with Milwaukee based rapper, Sona The Voice for a collabo during his trip to Camer.The outcome was ”Cocobiako”. What an interesting title ! .’The crew is called ”Ragamufians” . The song features M.D and Pambody . Here is the  video directed and produced by Christopher Oben, who is presently carving a niche for himself in the industry. Shout out to Subzee.

Feelam !!!!

”Cocobiako” is a Cameroonian pidgin word for Mushrooms. It is often phrased like ”cocobiako go grow for ya foot” which means you”ll stay on a particular spot for so long.