June 14, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House


Whoever said nothing new ever comes out of Bamenda has obviously never met the likes of Randzee and his new single, “AFRICAN MAMA” before! Don’t be fooled for one second by the corny title guys, this isn’t your usual lovey-dovey song where women are nothing more than objects but a true tribute to African women of all ages and cultures, bringing out the mama in them! Finally a guy out there with his head screwed on straight, I’d say!
The video’s of pretty good quality, and while the instrumentals are rather unobtrusive, this guy’s got one heck of a singing voice-the Urban African style! What’s more, he’s clearly proud of his culture as he flaunts traditional ‘Kamer’ wear for the rest of the world to savor, and that’s always something worth checking out. So if ever you were wondering what 2pac would look like if he suddenly went ‘R n B’ on us and decided to go back to his African roots, well you just got served!
watch his videos below or get to know more about him on http://randzee.com/