May 22, 2024

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Name: Njang Mengu Collins 

Stage name: Ko-c 

Nickname: Serial hitmaker

Acronym: Knock-out Christian (K.O.C) 

Profession: Singer, rapper and actor

Label: Powerhouse Entertainment

Date of birth: 18th November 1992

Place of Birth: Kumba

Place of origin: Bafut, North West

Father: Njang Lucas (Mechanical engineer)

Mother: Njang Sirri Deborah (Nurse)

Biggest hit: Calecon featuring Coco Argentée (19 million YouTube views)

Schools attended: Nursery and Primary School Mbonge Road, GBHS Kumba, CCAST Kumba, Higher Institute of Management Studies (HIMS)

Qualification: Degree in Management

First song: “Town player” (2012)

2014: Moved to Buea

2014: Co-founded PIM Boys (Preach it Movement Boys) consisting of Dready Christ and Tee (Tread stone)

2015: PIM Boys got affiliated with BTS Empire label.

2015: Released “Ici au Kamer” 

2015: Emerged runner up at the Guinness Blacklist National competition 

2016: Became a solo artist

2016: Released “Balancé” produced by Deecy

2017: Signed under Big Dreams Entertainment label (joined Locko) 

2017: Released ” Laisses moi passer”, I Love You” featuring Locko, Bollo”, Mad over you (Run town) cover, If (Davido) cover 

2018: Released “Caro”, Balancé remix featuring Tenor, Sango” featuring Fanicko

2018: Signed management contract westsi2 corporation 

2019: Signed management contract with CIBLE COMMUNICATION & Event structure.

2019: Released “Ca a Cuit”

2020: Released “On s’en fout” featuring Ariel Sheney, “Calecon” featuring Coco Argentée

2020: Left Big Dreams

2020: Released “Mon pala pala”, Alright, President De Rap-Publique”, Ghana Must Go” featuring Cleo Grae, Banye, Kking Kum and Kikoh.

2021: Released “Chill” , La Galere, 

2022: Released “Quand J’aurai l’argent” featuring Innoss B, collaborated with Fadil Le Sorcier on “Landé”

2023: Released “Deux Oeufs Spaghetti” 

2023: Released “Genesis” Album comprising “Holy Mary feat. AV, “Together” feat. Kameni and Awu, Time feat. Victor AD, Aba feat. Sarkodie, Paloa, Family Problem feat. Falz, Don’t Leave, kidjo, One Day, Deux oeufs spaghetti Mama, Man in the Mirror, Winner, Respect


2017: Locko – I love you 

2017: DJ Zoumanto – Do Like I do 

2018: Numerica – Valide remix 

2018: Power 4 – Laisser Passer 

2018: Mr Bikim – Soso Waka

2018: Xzafrane – WYMS

2018: Locko – Baca

2019: DJ Kenny – Mougou

2019: Montess – Allez Allez 

2020: Tzy Panchak- Energy 

2020: K2 , TBoi – Bizarre

2020: Bobby Felani – Aucune ideé

2020: Ridimz – Mbenguiste

2020: Makon – Hossana 

2020: Ridimz – Mama

2021: Remy – Ma Vie 

2021: Nathan Bamsey – Ma go

2021: Rinyu – Feeling me

2021: Martin’s – Qui a dit

2021: Strong Bangwa Boy – Nkongte

2022: Vivid – Bogolo 

2022: Blanche Bailly – Aimer

2022: Walmore Badman – Attention

2022: Kking Kum – Recevez 

2023: Bugatti Boy – Sundays

2023: MHD – Aba 


2015: Won Guinness Blacklist regional competition in 2015 with PIM Boys

2018: Won Best New Artist at Urban Jamz Awards

2018: Won RMA Award for Best Revelation

2018: Balafon Music Awards for Best Collaboration with Tenor for the song “Balancé”

2018: Balafon Music Awards for Most Downloaded Song “Balancé” 

2019: Green light Awards for Best Artist of the Year

2020: Balafon Music Awards for Male Artist of the year ( bagged 250,000 frs and 300m land title) 

2021: Balafon Music Awards for Best Music Video “Calecon” featuring Coco Argentée

2021: Canal D’Or Awards nominee for Best Male Urban Artist, Most Popular Song 

2021: Cameroon Music Evolution Awards for Best Male Artist of the Year

2021: Afrima nominee for Best African rapper/ Lyricist and Best Artist in African Hip hop

2021: Muzikol Awards for Best Urban Artist

2021: Cameroon International Music Festival Awards for Artiste of the Year and Most Consistent Artist

2022: Balafon Music Awards for Artist of the Year and Best Collaboration of the Year

2022: The Public Vision Award for Most popular song, Best Collaboration, Best Artist of the year, Best Rap Artist 

2023: Cameroon Music Evolution Awards for Best Artist of the Year 

2023: Received 2 Boomplay Plaques; 10 million overall streams and 5 million Unique streams for “Quand J’aurai l’argent” 

2023: Signed a multimillion deal with Believe France 


2020: Brand Ambassador for BICEC

2021: Brand Ambassador for Chill Citron

2023: Brand Ambassador for Orange Cameroon

2023: Brand Ambassador for Ballantines Whisky

2023: Brand Ambassador for Mado Spaghetti and Mayonnaise


Sarkodie (Ghana), AV (Nigeria ) , Victor AD (Nigeria ), Falz (Nigeria ), Ariel Sheney (Nigeria ), Innoss B (DR Congo ), MHD (France ) , Fanicko (Benin) 


USA , UAE , Ivory Coast , Gabon , Congo, UK , Canada , Germany , France 

Relationship: Rapper Yung Meagan is his former girlfriend. They broke up in 2021. Yung Meagan posted that “Dating a public figure is a nightmare”. They have a son. 

MARITAL STATUS: Not married 

Children: 1 


2021: Caro and Copees Comedy “Woman Eye” 

2023: When the Levees Broke (2022) Njang Mengu Collins as Rant.

KO-C has the highest number of hit songs in Cameroon Urban music history.

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