April 23, 2024

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Profile: Introducing Diodan, a world of Rap and Fashion


Diodan is a Cameroonian rap star and fashion entrepreneur based in London UK. He is part of the rap group OC3 that brought us the “brainwashers” video earlier this year. Diodan was born in Kumba, a small city in the south west region of Cameroon where he spent most of his childhood days before moving to the UK. Diodan and his group mate Gamblez are currently having a record deal with Loud Neighbor Music owned by producers Dr Benstein and Xpert. Diodan informed NexDim about OC3 being hard at work in the studio working on their first album whose title and release date are undisclosed. This mystery album is being ushered in by a club banging single “OH GAWD” (video below) which already has thousands of views on youtube and is taking over hip hop clubs in UK.

Download the song on itunes here : https://itunes.apple.com/ug/album/oh-gawd-single/id671059456

diodan 2Music is not all that defines Diodan, when he is not in the studio or concert or shooting music videos, he is hard at work masterminding the growth of his urban clothing brand Fowl Foot. From what we could decipher, Fowl Foot is inspired by the criticism of the black culture and habit of a special love of chicken. They chose the name because they wanted to embrace the African affinity to chicken and decided to let the world know that as Africans, they love their affinity to chicken and they are proud about it. To accomplish this goal, they choose to symbolise the chicken feet in representing their brand, message and campaign hence FOWL FOOT. Catch more details on FOWL FOOT on facebook: www.facebook.com/FowlFootClothing

To get in touch with Diodan, catch him on facebook: facebook.com/diony.daniel